Who Are We?

Labra Dor, Chief editor talks about the best dog houses

Who are we? - Labra Dor introduces herself and the other specialist writers

Hi I’m Labra, Chief Editor and principal writer of Dogspeaking so Who Are We? Let me Introduce you to the Pawsome writing team @ dogspeaking.com.

Me? I’m Labra (it’s actually my pen name. My real name is Zoe) and I am a highly experience and happy Labrador living with my family in Far North Queensland in Australia. We had a talk to our humans after reading through a lot of stuff on the internet and decided it was time to supply you with some free information from some real experts because we have a mission to improve the lives of all dogs with good, reliable, no nonsense simple information.

Our mission

It is our mission to give as much sensible, free advice to human dog lovers the world over to improve the life (and hopefully save the lives) of as many dogs as we can.

The Pawsome dogspeaking.com writing team have lots of experience as dogs but our owners have had dog buddies since they were little human pups and they are quite old now, so they know a thing or two about how to listen to and how to look after dogs.

Over 10 Years experience as a dog

I say I’m “highly experienced” because I have lived for 10 very happy years – well mostly happy apart from my little step brother Bull Staffy, (Rory) a Staffordshire Bull Terrier with a touch of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), yes, some dogs can suffer from this too. It doesn’t make him bad, in fact he’s lots of fun but just a little bit too active and very annoying sometimes, specially when I’m trying to rest or write my bits about dogs here with my humans. I get lots of help from the rest of the team who are all good at looking after themselves although I do keep a close eye on Little Malt, she’s such a little cutie and I think she needs a little bit more of my help and attention.

Jess, the 'top dog' in the house.
Jess looking down at me and Bull

(Un-) Friendly Cat Jess

There’s also a Rag Doll cat living in the house called Jess. She seems to own the house and just does her own thing and ignores everybody! I do try to be friendly but she just wants to show everyone who is the boss and keeps herself to herself 

Rory writes here too, mostly about younger dogs as he is just two and a half years old. He writes under the pen name of Bull Staffy.

Information about Labradors

Like nearly all of my breed I’m always eager to please and very sweet natured. My humans think I’m a fantastic family dog, as they should …. I’ve trained them well. We are an intelligent, versatile breed, (as you can tell from my writing) and many of my relations help their humans in hunting and agility or work in service like seeing dogs for the blind and even search and rescue  helping you careless humans who put yourselves in danger. So, you see, we Labradors are very smart and friendly and I’ll enjoy sharing how I’ve trained my humans.

I’ve got my first touches of Osteoarthritis. We Labradors are usually very healthy and often live beyond 11 or 12 years but we are prone to Osteoarthritis, also known as degenerative joint disease or simply arthritis. It’s a bit uncomfortable but no big deal yet. It helps that my humans know they can help ease the pain through my diet, nutritional supplements, physiotherapy and anti inflammatory pills from the vet.

Bull Staffy - Expert on dog and puppy health

Bull Staffy - Pup and young dog expert

Who Are We? I’m Bull Staffy and I write a lot about puppies because I think I’m still one. I’m best mates with the editor Labra, she just loves me, everybody loves me and I just love everyone! Did I tell you my best mate is Labra? I also love playing with the human pup but I do get annoyed when they spend time in the swimming pool. Labra’s in there enjoying herself and the human pup plays with balls and other things, it looks fun (did I tell you I love fun?) but I hate water. I’m such a solid strong dog that I’ve got to work hard just to stay afloat – I don’t enjoy it so I stay out.

Writing is not easy for me, did I tell you I’m very special? I’m a blue Staffy. This writing thing takes a long time and I want to play and I want tummy rubs and I want my toy and I want a treat for being good and I don’t much like being still

Bull is a bit hyper

I’m going to run round the garden now! I love chewing things and after a bit of trial and error I now have a few indestructible dog toys and I have an indestructible dog bed! I quite enjoy the car but I hate sitting still, they always put me in my dog se.at belt in the back.

Hi, I’m back,

Did I tell you I love everyone? ……. Maybe not everyone, but I try. Jesse the Rag Doll is always trying to hit me on the face with her claws, don’t know why, I just want to be friends and play!

I’ve heard that some humans don’t like Staffordshire Bull Terriers. We are cousins of the Pit Bull Terriers who some think are aggressive but usually highly loyal to our humans.

Like Labra says, we’re all normally good dogs but some of us have bad owners. Those in my family who show aggressive behaviour can usually put it down to their owners and how each individual Staffy pup or dog has been trained. I’m a bit special, I’m a Blue Staffy … did I tell you that?

Bull as a pup with his sister
Me with my little sister just after I was born

Staffordshire Terriers (Staffy's)

Pit Bulls as well as Staffordshire Bull Terriers like me are strong and tenacious. Bad humans can make us into illegal dog fighters. This still happens in Australia and the USA as well as other parts of the world. No dog really enjoys fighting and it is our belief that humans who make us do this should be put to sleep.

When we Staffordshire Bull Terriers are raised in a good environment and have been trained well we make excellent members of any family and we love children. While I love running around and need lots of exercise, we are pretty low maintenance dogs and you don’t need to spend a lot of time in grooming or money on dog grooming supplies.

…. Heavy stuff, Ok I’m off, time to chase my ball! ……………………….

Did I tell you I love playing with Labra? She’s my mate. (wish she’d play instead of making me dictate this!) I hope you read my words carefully and learn a bit about how to make any puppy as lovable and friendly as me.

Best dog collars by Heinz Bitza - Dogspeaking.com

Who are we? Heinz Bitza - Food and dog breed expert

Hi, I’m Heinz,

They call me Heinz because I’ve got bits of Husky, bits of Kelpie and bits of Australian Cattle dog and maybe some other varieties. I’m pretty cute, I just love people and my best buddy and step brother is Jerry Shep. I’m coming up to 5 years old and I rule my home! (My human woman thinks she’s in charge but that’s because I’m smart enough to make her think she’s in charge – I know better!)

I love other dogs and I love all humans but even more than these, I love my ball. I was a bit sad when Labra, the editor, decided that Jerry should be the dog toy expert because I never let him play with his toys unless I can play too.

My hope is that you will read and think about my page about “Best dogs for first time owners“. I give lots of other tips and advice on this website but the most important thing I say is to look at your local shelter and choose a dog from there before looking anywhere else. I hope you soon realize that mutts like me make the best dog buddies any human could ever want.

Jerry Shep my best buddy

Talking of Jerry, we have great fun in our big yard. We hide behind the bushes and hunt each other. Jerry tries, anyway, but with my super hearing and stealth, big clumsy Jerry doesn’t win many of our hunting games.

I’ve got a few breeds mixed in my blood and I also love playing with other dogs in the dog park. We get to go to the dog park every day and I’ve learned a lot about other dogs so I’ve got plenty to say.

Did I tell you I’m also a great singer? Yep, I can howl along with the best of them. I’m clever, I’ve got a lot of my dad’s Cattle Dog brains, he was really clever. (I say “was”, I have never met him and I always think that if I have his brains, how clever must he be now if I’ve got his brains?)

Heinz Loves to sing. Picture of Heinz singing.
Not barking but singing - Heinz loves to sing with Jerry Shep in background

I’ve got a lot of energy and I could run or swim all day (as long as the water is natural; I hate these human swimming pools). Maybe that’s why I’m always hungry and love my food. I know a lot about dog food and I’ll be telling you about that as well and lots of other things.

Jerry Shep dog toy and dog play expert dogspeaking.com

Who are we? - Jerry Shep, the big brain of the team

Jerry here, I’m a 3 year-old German Shepherd all the way from Germany and the real brains behind Dogspeaking, although Labra seems to think she is the boss. I’m just too friendly and loving and not pushy enough to get to the top. Following the rules is easy for me because I have always understood that rules must be obeyed. I know I’ve got the brains and the strength to get to the top if I want but I’m happy just knowing that I am the best. I’m the only one of this group who does well in obedience training competitions and I have entered dog shows (and done very well of course).

I am very clever

Training has always been boring for me, its just too easy. I much prefer playing ball with my best buddy Heinz. She’s pretty smart too but just to keep her happy, I often let her win in our hunting games and she is a bit faster than me in some of the ball-chasing games. I love all humans but more than any I love my human man-friend. I’d do anything for him and I miss him every second he’s not around.


Jerry playing with his buddy Heinz- best dogs. You usually find me behind my Buddy Heinz.

While I love Heinz (she’s the boss around the house), I’m not so keen on a lot of other dogs. A couple of years ago, I was playing happily in our local dog park with Heinz and a little mad dog just attacked me for no reason! I ended up in hospital for a few hours and had quite a few stitches. After something like that, you might understand why I’m not so keen on other starnge dogs, I just don’t trust them. The vet thinks I might suffer from PTSD.

Confident but a bit cautious

In fact, if I’m truthful, I’m a bit scared of all new things and I like a bit of time to get used to someone new or something new. I’m a big gentle teddy bear of a dog. I would never hurt anything else (unless they were going to hurt someone in my small family pack!) and apart from our own little pack, I really like to keep things ‘private’ in our family.

I told you I love playing. I’ve destroyed a few dog toys when I was a youngster and dog toys is now one of my specialist fields. I’ll help you with the best dog toys and some other things as we go along.

I live in Australia of German heritage, born in the State of Victoria but I have a human Grandma who sends me Bark Boxes every few weeks from Minnesota USA everything seems to be the same the world-over now!

Little Malt - Bed expert dogspeaking.com

Little Malt Schitz - Who are we?

Cross breed and dog expert and also understands humans

Hi I’m Little Malt and I think I’m by far the cutest of all the writer. I’m a cross breed Maltese Shih Tzu. As you can see from my photo, I always look happy because I’ve got a little ‘under-bite’ which means I look like I’m smiling all the time!

I live alone with my human mummy which is great. It means I get peace and quiet all day and I get all her love and cuddles at night when she comes home. She’s also got lots of other human friends and they all just love me! Personally, I quite enjoy the attention they give me and really I can’t be too bothered with most of them.

I have studied human psychology and I understand the way humans think and I can read their body language so I’m a good dog to have on this team.

I am a people person type dog and I do like a bit of company during the day sometimes but even then, I enjoy a bit of a rest in my favorite bed.

Little Malt Dog bed and sleeping expert

 I have 4 beds around the house for sleeping in during the day. Most humans would know that we Maltese Shih Tzu’s don’t really need a separate bed at night, we’ll just share the human bed. We know you just love us cuddled up against you!

The only thing that stops me being a really low-mainenance dog is my fur which needs cut every 7 or 8 weeks. I love to play for a few minutes in the morning and in the afternoon but I get fed up with playing pretty quickly, even if its good fun.


Malt in one of her outside beds
This is me in one of my day beds. This one is good because it's comfortable and I can rest on this one outside on a warm day.

I love my daily walks

Daily walks are one of my very favorites but I don’t like going too far as my little legs get tired quickly. My favourite thing is definitely lying on one of my beds and dreaming. I don’t mind lying on my human mom’s lap watching a movie at night – that’s good fun too.

I’ll be telling you a few things about other cross-breed dogs and of course, I don’t know any other dog who owns as many beds as me! I’ve tried them all and I can tell you all about the best dog beds. I’ll also try and tell you a bit about understanding humans and how I trained mine.

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