How to recognise the Australian paralysis tick

How to recognise the Australian Paralysis tick

How to recognise an Australian paralysis tickis tick small and engorged

Please treat this information as a ‘quick guide”. A dog suspected of being bitten by a paralysis tick should be taken straight to the vet. Quick treatment can save a life.

We couldn’t get any of the pawsome writing team to volunteer to write this piece so it’s written by one of the humans who live with Little Malt.

If you want to know a lot more about Australian Paralysis ticks try Wikipedia.

Where do you find the Australian Paralysis tick?

You will find the paralysis tick along mosty of the east coast of Australia in any environment where you find native animals such as possums, bandicoots and wallabies. The paralysis tick is one of the most dangerous parasites that can affect your dog.

How to Identify the Paralysis Tick

The size of the tick can vary from a pinhead (larval form) to a thumbnail (adult form) once engorged.

The body is oval shaped and light grey in colour with brown legs. Have a closer look at where the legs originate in the engorged tick; in a paralysis tick the legs all originate from the head region.

Once these things get attached the mouthparts are buried in the dog’s skin and when they are removed it can leave a skin reaction called a ‘tick crater’.

The legs on an engorged paralysis tick all come from the head region of the tick

How to recognise the Australian paralysis tick. When to take dog to the vet The Australian Paralysis tick and 2 other common ticks - Dogspeaking

Look closely and note the difference in the legs between a cattle tick, bush tick and Paralysis tick. In the paralysis tick the legs seem to come out of the head area only.

If you look closely at other types of engorged ticks, the legs are found further around the side of the body. The Brown Dog tick pictured below, has legs all around the body not just out of the head

How to recognise the Australian paralysis tick - brown dog tick
How to recognise an Australian paralysis tick - picture of engorged paralysis tick

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