Best Dog Collars

Best Dog Collars

Best dog collars by Heinz Bitza -

Best dog collars - such a lot to choose!

You should read about these collars first - but here is the top 6 recommended by the Pawsome team

Looking for the best dog collar is not that easy because there are so many choices in buying dog collars so we thought it might be a good idea to give you a bit of a guide to help you choose a good one suitable for your dog. They come in so many different materials, colors widths and sizes so let’s make sure you have a good collar which is safe and fits your dog properly and you don’t make the mistakes many pet owners make when buying a dog collar.

Choosing the right size dog collar

How big is your dog’s neck? Its easy to find out by using a measuring tape or just gently wrap a piece of string, shoe lace around our neck, make sure there is enough room to put two fingers underneath the tape/string (that’s about 5cm or 2 inches more), mark it and take it off and measure remembering a tight dog collar is very uncomfortable and can cause us harm but it should be tight enough that it won’t slip over our dog head and loose enough that it won’t strangle us!.

How many dog collars do I need?

  • Don’t forget to test the fit of our collar regularly. We do grow fast so always make sure you can get these two fingers fitting easily between our collar and our neck.
  • We dog need a few collars as we grow, and a first puppy collar will need to be replaced as we get bigger.You will need to buy another
    collar when your dog starts to grow.
  • Young puppies grow fast so it’s best to buy one that will fit us for a few months at least and the best way to do this is to buy an adjustable puppy collar at first or at least buy a big collar that just fits rather than buying a small one that won’t last for long.   
Thick leather dog collar -
Thick leather collars can look classy

Choosing the best leash to match a dog collar

Excellent elite spanker nylon dog collar

You’ll find a lot more talk about dog leashes on the best
dog leash pages but remember to think about how our dog collar works with the type of leash
that is appropriate for your dog. That you have or will buy. You’ll find that
many leashes are made to match with the dog’s collar you are looking at.

Choosing the best leash to match a dog collar

You’ll find a lot more talk about dog leashes on the best dog leash pages but remember to think about how our dog collar works with the type of leash that’s right for your dog. That you have or will buy. You’ll find that many leashes are made to match with the dog’s collar you are looking at.

Standard dog leash length

A standard leash is 1.8m or 6 ft long, but other leashes like retractable, and adjustable leashes come in many styles and lengths. The best leash is that one that that best suits your dog and your “cool leash” choice comes only as a second thing to think about. .

Dog Collar Materials

Dog collar are made in many materials from real leather to chain and everyone
has something good and something bad about it. These are the most common dog
collar materials.

Leather dog collars

A classic leather dog collar is my favorite and humans like them too because they last a long time, they look good and they are good to use. They are not the cheapest dog collar but they are worth the money because they last and nearly every leather dog collar is adjustable so they can last for years.

Always look for a genuine leather dog collar and leave the cheaper bonded leather dog collars on the shelf because bonded leather is made of scrap leather pieces stuck together and it will not last very long.

Rolled leather dog collar -
Rolled leather dog collar can come in many different fashonable colors

The most common dog leather collars are just flat, but they can also be found in rolled leather which is much better for dogs with thick hair that
matts easily. Rolled leather is “round” and are often had made in a quality soft leather which is wrapped round a nylon inner cord for extra strength.

Imitation leather or Faux Leather Dog Collars

Dogit Style Faux Leather Dog Collar -
Dogit Style Faux Leather Dog Collar

Imitation leather can be a cheap dog collar option and they are often made to be quite fancy and fashionable which some humans like, (and we dogs don’t mind looking cool at times). Just watch for color coming out if its hot or wet and dying our fur If you decide on an imitation leather collar, don’t expect it to last long for everyday use but they can be good for dressing up for special outings.

Chain dog Collars

dog collars in chain -
We don't like chain collars - they can be dangerous. If you insist, at least make it a nice piece of jeweler

I don’t like chain collars at all because they are dangerous to us dogs as you should be able to tell by one of their common names – Choke Chain dog collars! This is maybe slightly safer Martingale Dog Collar 3mm Link Chrome but it’s still a choke collar.

If you must put one of these on a dog, make sure we are never left alone and stay with us all the time while it is on. This should be easy because you should only use these when you are training a dog, they are not an everyday collar because they can easily strangle us if we are left alone.

While I don’t like Choke chains, they can be good for some dog training if they are used properly, but they can be very bad and dangerous causing neck and throat damage if they are not used properly. Read “Is Your dog’s collar dangerous? here

Nylon dog collars

puppytec nylon dog collar
Nylong collars are strong and last. They also come in a rainbow of fashonable colours and designs

I don’t think I know any dogs who doesn’t have a Nylon dog collar. There are hundreds of styles and in all colors, sizes and widths and they make a great
everyday cheap dog collar for around the house and going for walks.

There is nearly always a good place to stick a dog tag or ID tag and for those dogs interested in fashion, you’ll find something in the huge nylon range to make you feel like a cool dog in a cool dog collar.

Neoprene dog collars

Neoprene dog collars for the outdoor type
Neoprene is excellent for water dogs - excellent long lasting waterproof but not much choice

Nylon dog collars are OK for water and swimming, but neoprene is even better. Humans who go surfing or diving sometimes wear a wet suit made of neoprene as it is a soft rubber material although with dog collars it usually has some extra strength added with nylon which makes them long lasting. There is not
such a wide choice in neoprene, and they cost a bit more than nylon, but they are very good for dogs with allergies and perfect for dogs that swim a lot and they’re always comfortable to wear.

Biothane dog collar – tough, great for water and non-toxic

Biothane is perfect for water dogs -
If you have a "water dog" then biothane is the perfect collar material.

I like a Biothane dog collars because I love the water and I play rough with my human and my step-brother Jerry, so these collars are good for me. It is a polyester that is coated with other stuff and it’s non-toxic and less expensive, bend easier and are softer than neoprene. They come in lots of cool styles and colors so we dogs can look pretty cool in neoprene and its great for everyday use.

I’m not sure how anyone can chew their collar unless its left lying around but this
stuff will last longer than nylon or neoprene and is difficult to chew or break.

Best dog collars – from the Pawsome writing team

1. Best Leather: Soft Touch Leather Collar - Luxury leather padded collar

“For under $25, the Soft Touch looks far more expensive than it is, and even comes with a lifetime warranty.”
Soft Touch Collars Luxury Real Leather Padded Dog Collar

The Soft Touch Collars Padded Leather Dog Collar, comes in many sizes to fit most dags, its the Large Brown that is in the picture. It’s just a good strong and classy looking dog collar that looks really good with the matching dog leash. Soft Touch Leather Collar at Amazon

Genuine Leather, excellent value a real % STAR Collar

2. Best for Small Dogs: Pupteck Basic Nylon Dog Collar

puppytec nylon dog collar
Best value Nylon dog collar
The Pupteck Basic Nylon Dog Collar at Amazon is pretty cheap at under $10, it comes in 3 sizes, its adjustable and there is a range of colors to choose from it’s strong and quite stylish for everyday use, a good all-rounder at a very good price.
What’s good about nylon? You can read above.
Lupine nylon dog collar -
For lots of colour and a comfortable cheap nylon collar, this Lupine Adjustable is hard to beat.

This Lupine Adjustable nylon for those who want a bit more color is hard to beat at roughly the same price.

Woven nylon  Lupine 3/4-inch Adjustable Dog Collar at Amazon

“While strong, large breeds may benefit from a collar over
one-inch, a ¾-inch width works for nearly every dog.”

“Small dogs will benefit from a thinner, but still durable collar
that will stay secure on smaller necks without the added bulk.”

3. Best for Large Dogs: EzyDog Neo Classic Collar

Ezydog neoprene dog collar
A strong collar that stays clean and odour-free. Excellent for larger dogs

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The EsyDog Neo is a very strong, secure collar made of neoprene. It is a must-have for larger, heavier dogs with a lot of strength. The EzyDog Neo Classic Collar is 1 ¾ inches wide, which is only suitable for large necks (think Labrador or bigger) and made from rubber-like, non-porous neoprene that’s durable enough for extremely active dogs. It comes in four sizes (large through xxx-large) and four different colors.

Reviewers say the collar does a great job of distributing weight and won’t choke strong dogs during walks. They also rave about the material, stating that the neoprene stays clean and odour-free

4. Mighty Paw Neoprene Padded Running Dog Collar

The MIGHTY PAW SPORT COLLAR was made for the running dog to enjoy the comfort when running, jogging, hiking, swimming, and walking. It’s very good quality and guaranteed for the outdoor dog. The NEOPRENE PADDING gives a nice cushion for extra comfort for the outdoor-type dog – and its has reflective stitching for safer use at night.

Read about neoprene above – perfect for water dogs!

Mighty Paw neoprene dog collar - best dog collar
A really excellent collar for the outdoor activities type dog - comfortable, strong and waterproof.

5. Biothane REDLINE K-9 1" Reflective All Weather Dog Collars (14" - 18")

REDLINE K-9 1″ Biothane Reflective All Weather Dog Collar

The REDLINE K-9 1″ Biothane Reflective All Weather Dog Collars (14″ – 18″) is an excellent all-weather everyday collar and is also reflective a dog collars made with Biothane Edgeguard. A dog can be easily seen at night and its a perfect collar for for hunters the outdoor type of dog.

Read about Biothane above, again, fantastic for an outdoor activities dog and excellent value

biothene reflective all weather dog collar -
Excellent all-weather reflective collar for big dogs that enjopy the outdoor life

6. Best Collar for new puppies

The Pawtitas dog collar comes in many bright colors and is great for any small dog or puppy

 Pawtitas Dog Collar at Amazon     

The 5/8-inch PAWTITAS reflective collar adjusts for a neck sizes and comes in many bright colors.

It is good for small dogs and pups. It is made of a woven reflective material which is very strong and will last for years.

It’s made to be comfortable with the is a must D-ring placed close to the buckle to avoid pressure on a dog’s neck.

 “The Pawtitas soft training collar is ideal for growing pups who could benefit from a gentler grip.”

Summary best dog collars

Make sure you choose the best dog collar for your pet and think about: –

  1. The best materials for your dog’s collar  
  2. Why are you buying a collar, is it for use in the water, everyday use, walking by day or night walking or is it just fashion?
  3. What leash, tags or other attachments will you want on the collar and is the collar you are looking at good for the job?
  4. Will you be using a dog harness or leash and is it right for the collar?
  5. How many collars will I buy and maybe you should have more than one for your dog, for example, a good leather “every-day” collar, one for night walking and maybe one for swimming.

“What do dogs do on their day off? Can’t lie around – that’s their job.” –

George Carlin (comedian)


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