Caring for Canines – Quick tips for looking after a new puppy

Caring for Canines – Quick tips for looking after a new puppy

Bull Straff - Puppy and dog health expert


In this short piece here I’m going to tell you about the basic things you must know before taking on a new puppy. If you look around this website, you’ll find heaps more things that you must know and do and you should take time to find out a lot more about How to take care of a puppy.

Remember, this is just the basic guidelines for a long and healthy relationship with a new doggy member of a family – just for those who want an outline of how to take care of a puppy in quick time!

New puppy care – Give your puppy lots of love and attention

I loved being a puppy and I got lots of love and attention and I still do but this was really important for my first few days in my new home. I had been taken away from my mom and sisters and I had never been on my own at any time before so it was really scary for a little 8 week old puppy.

You should know that you should never take a puppy that is less than 8 weeks old although some bad humans are quite happy to pull puppies away from their moms before they are ready to leave.

What to look for in dog food – dog diet

The diet requirements of any dog and especially a puppy are very important.

You must consider the AGE of your dog, its SIZE and how active it is to make sure you choose the right food.

You can choose whether to use a dog food from the store, make up the dog’s diet at home yourself or use both home made and store dog food.

Any vet or animal nursing person can advise you on your situation and help with these choices if you are not sure. Heinz Bitza has written a very good guide on what dogs should eat and very importantly, what they should never eat, just click here for more


How to train a dog

This is one of the most important things to think about if you decide to have a dog.  

A well trained and socialized dog will have the best chance of a happy and content life. This also make sure the family all come together in one happy pack!  For some excellent tips on how to start with dog training, read Little Malt’s introduction to dog training, just click here.

The most important things to do to make sure this happens are :  

  • Puppy classes or puppy pre-school
  • Home training
  • Reading about dog training and/or watching dog training videos
  • Human classes on how to train your puppy
  • Lots of effort by you humans and training (training can be a bit tiring for us little pups too, so not too much at one time!)

Caring for Canines - Quick tips for looking after a new puppy comfortable puppy bed -

Dog vaccination Schedule

Making sure your puppy (and dog) get the right shots on time as this is the best way of protecting your dog from diseases. Always make sure your dog is vaccinated against canine distemper, hepatitis and parvovirus and rabies if you are in a rabies area.

Remember, there is no real treatment for these viruses and stopping us dogs getting them is the only thing to do.

Kennel Cough can also be a killer so speak to the vet about dog vaccination against the 2 types of kennel cough.

Caring for Canines - Quick tips for looking after a new puppy Dog at vet.

An important reminder about dog vaccinations

  • 1st puppy vaccination at 6-8 weeks of age followed by-
  • 2nd at 10-12 weeks and
  • 3rd at 14-16 weeks.

Then follow-up with a YEARLY booster. Check with your vet.

This is just a short intro by me, Bull Staffy, but please find the time to read more at Dog Health – when to take your dog to the vet by clicking here.


Heartworm is very common where there are mosquitos and will kill if not treated.

You must make sure that all dogs are on some type of heartworm pill.

A MONTHLY PREVENTION Pill is usually best but speak to your vet about what is best for your dog.

START PREVENTION at around 8wks of age.


“No matter how you’re feeling, a little dog gonna love you.” –

Waka Flocka Flame


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Dog Health – When to take your dog to the vet

Bull Staffy, our puppy experts tells dog owners what to look out for and, importantly, when to take a dog to the vet. Its not just when a dog is sick but Bull gives a schedule for vaqccinations so important to young pups.

Do shots are about stopping or preventing diseases in dogs but Bull also goes in to prevention of other horrors like Heartworm and Lyme disease and tick paralysis. Go and read Bull here if you want to know more.


Dogs Playing

Dog play is just so important for us dogs if we are to grow up as healthy and friendly dogs with good manners because we learn through our play.

Jerry Shep, our German dog play and dog toy expert, will talk to you about dog play, how to do it as a human and how the rules all work.

For further information on Dog play have a click here.

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