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Best dog toys from Jerry

Jerry Shep dog toy and dog play expert

You should read about the toys first - but here is the top 9 recommended by the Jerry of the Pawsome team

A bit about dog toys

Dog toys are my favorite thing. I can play with my humans and Heinz my buddy all day, I just love dog play but the big message here is don’t buy cheap nasty dog toys because they can hurt or even kill us. Even if some nice human friend gives you a doggy present, please check to make sure it is safe and non-toxic and if it is not, please throw it out!

Good old popular dog toys

You might think I’m going to give you some great new ideas for just invented dog toys but there is a reason dog balls, Kong treats and dog frisbees take up 3 of the 9 spots. They are old favorites and we dogs just love them!

I have a few favorite toys but I’m always happiest with just a simple old ball. There are lots of other dog toys that I enjoy but are really quite important for other dogs because they are not as smart as me. Dog puzzle type toys are really good for keeping us thinking and all dog toys are good for our health in more ways than one!

9 Best Dog toys
choice by Jerry Shep

Indestructible dog toys … Nope!

  • ………. That’s that list finished! Hope you enjoyed reading it! Yes, that’s them all. I haven’t found a toy yet that can’t be broken and chewed after a while by some tough dogs! Some dog toys stand a much better chance of lasting quite a long time but if we are determined, we’ll get them some time! We’ll tell you a bit about really tough toys if you click here and some dog toys below are really good but I don’t think there is a completely indestructible dog toy unless you want us to play with an iron bar and that is NOT a good idea.

Indestructible squeaky dog toys

Ha Ha Ha …. How do you get something soft enough to squeak but strong enough it can never be broken? There are some squeaky dog toys that will take a lot of punishment but if you can come up with a new squeaky dog toy that is indestructible, I think you could make a lot of money!

Remember the toy is for your dog, not you

Please remember you
are buying a toy for your dog buddy, not for you. Just like your human pups,you might find that one toy is the absolute favorite of one dog but another dog just won’t play with it at all.

Me, big Jerry, I can play with a ball all day (or any other thing you can throw and I can fetch). Little Malt loves her
little squeaky toys (I hate squeaky toys and just pull them apart in minutes because I hate the squeaky noise!)

If you think about the type of dog toy that best suits your dog then this is my top 9 best dog toys where you’ll find one  to keep your dog happy.

1. Best dog ball – Outside dog toy

Playing with a ball is my favorite and maybe apart from number 9 on this list, it has to be the best dog toy. Some balls are a lot better than others and some are just dangerous for us to play with as some balls can be made with toxic materials that can make a dog very sick, so best to get a good quality, long lasting ball.

I think the first here is the best but I’ve given you a few choices to think about.

1.     Indestructible Dog Ball – Tough Strong, 100% Non-Toxic Chew Toy, Natural
Rubber Baseball-Sized Bouncy Dog Ball for Aggressive Chewers and Large Dogs

This dog ball is baseball-size (7cm diameter) so it’s easy for my human to throw and the perfect size for any medium or large sized dog.

It’s called “indestructible” but my buddy Bull, after a lot of time and a huge effort, managed to get through one but if you do manage to break it, you have a lifetime replacement guarantee. I don’t think I could ever break this one but I’m not a big chewer.

It’s non-toxic, made of natural rubber and has a great bounce so because its very strong, I’ve got it at the top of my list.

Indestructible Dog Ball – buy here

Other good dog balls King Chewy ball packs -

For smaller dogs, try Chew King Fetch Balls Durable Natural Rubber Toy for Dogs in packs of 8 this 2.5″ (6.35cm) balls fit in the “medium” Chew King ball launcher which can be lots of fun too! There is also a pack of 3 at 3” (7.62cm). They are made for an “average chewer” but you can choose a “supreme’ for a heavy chewer. They come in:-

  • Different colors (no choice here) in a mesh bag
  • They are strong, long lasting, natural, no chemical smell rubber retains shape, bounces well, and stands up to a tough chew
  • Safety air vent protects your pup, keeps happy tongues from getting stuck
  • Way better than wet, soggy tennis balls for a triple-pack of natural rubber fetching fun

Kong Ball Dog toy Knong Ball -

Seems to me that we dogs can always depend on Kong and there balls are pretty good too with a wild bounce, a bit squeezy so a good chew and they have a little squeaker so play with humans watching. Kong Squeezz action Ball.

We shouldn’t forget the Kong classic dog toy, if you haven’t got one for your dog, get it now – it’s a dog essential!

2.  Qwizl – inside dog toy or outside dog toy

Qwizl dog toy treat dispenser -


Qwizl dog treat dispenser toy

Qwizl interactive treat dispensing toy are great to play with. Next on the list is an old favorite, The Kong Treat ball, and this is sort of another good but different version of it. A Quizl is strong, tough and difficult to break and I get my favorite treat as a reward for working the darn thing out! My humans can put almost any of my favorite treat inside; Kibble, dog biscuits, apple, peanut butter or even nice dental sticks.

Qwizls treat dispensing toys make us think and keep us occupied because of the treat rewards they give us.

Even when all the treats are gone, a Qwizl is fun to throw and fetch and it’s a pretty good chew too!

The box says they are made of something called Zogoflex whatever that is and it’s made in the USA. If they get too dirty your human can put them in the dishwasher and they can be used in water because they float.

Most of the human buyers give this 5 stars. Don’t know why just 5, I’d give it 7.

3.  Large Kong Classic inside or outside dog toy

The classic Kong has been around a long time but they are still one of my very favorites and every dog must have one! I now use the Kong Dog Large Extreme (I’m a big boy) but they come in many sizes for all sizes of dogs.  The Kong Small Dog Toy is for small dogs and there is even a puppy version made with a teething rubber formula. Look for the ‘teething chewer” or the average chewer or even the power chewer. There is a Kong to suit any dog.

Kong treat balls are all round fun – but watch for cheap imitations Kong Treat ball -

They don’t bounce like a ball but  are fun toys to play with but I can never guess which way it will go when it hits the  ground but that’s part of the fun.

I’ve had friends who had toys that look just like Kongs but they were not well-made and they soon had them chewed to pieces so try and make sure you get a real Kong!

Kong Treat Balls can be filled with lots of different goodies and on hot days I even get my Kong out of the freezer filled with some nice cooling ice.

If you buy the right Kong for your dog, you’ll find that they last a long time and give us
hours of fun. By a cheap one and you might find the coloring or material can
cause us harm and they will fall apart quickly.

Five star reviews for the kong treat ball

Here is one of many thousands of 5 star reviews on the Kong Extreme large;-

“So far this is the best toy I have found, our dog goes through it in about a month, but any other toys he destroys in about 20 min, we have a 90lb American Staffordshire terrier and the size XL works best, the XXL didn’t last as long because he can get his mouth inside it better to tear it apart.”

4. Best puppy toy –
inside dog toy

 SmartPetLove Snuggle Puppy Behavioral Aid Toy

Snuggle Puppy by Smartpetlove


Snuggle Puppy ‘breathes
and gives heat

Here’s one for the little ones and I couldn’t leave it out. It gives your puppy the feeling of never being left alone.

We really think this is the best puppy ‘comfort toy”. It worked for Bull when he left his brothers and sister and over 1000 humans have given it a big thumbs up with a 5 star rating. It might not work for every puppy but it will work for most.

Best things about the snuggle puppy

  • stops bad behaviors like barking and whining caused by loneliness and anxiety  
  • It comes with 2 AAA batteries which give it a ‘Real-feel’ pulsing heartbeat and heat source, copying the feeling of being part of a pack. The steady beat and heat is just like being with mom.
  • The heat source can be safely thrown in the garbage when finished, its non-toxic and safe for humans and puppies
  • If it gets dirty, its machine washable on gentle cycle

5. Puppy Toy starter pack – Aipper Dog Puppy Toys 12 Pack for medium and small dogs – inside and outside dog toy

Your puppy needs a selection of toys and this is a great fun starter pack. The pack contains:-

  • Puppy Chew Toys for Playtime and Teeth Cleaning
  • IQ Treat ball
  • Squeak Toys
  • Shoe toy
  • Dog toy ropes
  • Small rubber ball that floats in water
  • Dog Flying Disc
  • Puppy Teething Toys for Medium to Small Dogs

Stay away from cheap toxic imports

You can find cheap imported copies of these toys which can sometimes be very bad and dangerous for a puppy or any dog.

We dogs have put these on the list because Aipper give you a 100% Money-back Guarantee. The toys are a very good quality, non toxic and safe.

The makers say, “This dog toy set is definitely a smart choice for you. Buy it with confidence. If you are not satisfied with it, you could return for a full refund within 45 days. And we provide 12-MONTH WORRY-FREE WARRANTY”. Aipper Dog Puppy Toys 12 Pack for medium and small dogs

6. Dog Frisbee – outside dog toy

Balls and frisbees, what dog can resist a Frisbee? (and humans enjoy playing with them too).

We like to suggest
toys that are fun but most of all safe for dogs to play with. Frisbees for
humans are everywhere but you humans and you human pups are not likely to try
and eat them or tear them apart with your teeth. Some of us dogs just get a bit
carried away with the excitement a frisbee can give us so its important that we
have a frisbee that is safe for us to play with.

The Hyper Pet Flippy Flopper

The Hyper Pet Flippy Flopper is soft to protect our doggie teeth and it’s a good size at 9inches (22.9cm) diameter. They will last a long time under normal play and they also float in water. This dog frisbee is the perfect solution for our fun, fitness, exercise, and training and it comes in many nice bright colours

Hyperflite Jawz Blueberry 2 Pack Competition Dog Disc

If you like frisbees and enjoy playing with your dog, here is another choice worth looking at in packs of two – Hyperflite Jawz Blueberry 2 Pack Competition Dog Disc 8.75 Inch, Worlds Toughest, Best Flying, Puncture Resistant, Dog Frisbee,

7. Dog Tug Rope Inside or outside dog toy

Tug of war and tug ropes are another old favorite and a great all-round play toy. There are rules to follow if you want to play tug of war with us dogs and some dogs just should never play tug of war. If you are buying it just as our tug toy, remember and keep it in a safe place when we are not playing tug. You can read about the rules of playing tug of war it here.

Tug of war ropes are good general toys too, not just for tugging

Even if you have a dog that shouldn’t play tug of war, the Tug-O-Man Rope Toy is still excellent and safe  chew toys.  They come in lots of colors and are supplied in packs of 3. They are made of tough nylon and rope with reinforced stitching and are 14″ (35.56cm) long. They are not indestructible but they will last a lot longer than most tug toys!

Tug-O-Man Rope Plush Dog Toy -

Tug-O-Man Rope Plush Dog Toy, Assorted Colors, Durable Ballistic Style Nylon With Reinforced Stitching, More Durable For Tugging, Fetching and Playing, 100% Cotton Rope Tug – 3 Pack of Multipet Tug ‘O Man with Rope Tough Dog Toys, 14″ (Assorted Colors)

Ultra-Durable Chew Toy – Lifetime Replacement Guarantee

indestructible dog pull toy

Ultra Durable Chew Toy with Lifetime Replacement

  • Almost indestructible dog tug toy – as close as you’ll get!
  • Made from the toughest, industrial strength natural rubber; solid, shock absorbing design; puncture resistant
  • 100% SAFE & NON-TOXIC
  • GREAT CHEW, FETCH, OR TUG OF WAR TOY – 6.5 inches in diameter and 1.25 in thick

Dog Rope Toys generally

Cotton Rope Chew Toy Inside or outside
dog toy

I think every dog should have at least one Rope chew toy. They are almost as good as my ball and when you live with a Buddy like Bull, we spend a lot of time play-fighting and pulling with our rope toys. Like I said before, if you want to play tug with us, its best if you keep one for this special game so you need to buy us a couple at least!

Please don’t buy us plastic or nylon ropes for chewing because they can be toxic or may harm us. It’s best to stick to cotton which is natural and can last a long time too. Like most things in life, the more expensive ones are usually a lot better quality, safer and last longer.

Here’s a couple of choices – this first one is a very good chew set for puppies with lots of 5 star reviews and good to help keep teeth clean and a good throw toy. Puppies should not play tug with humans as their teeth and jaws are still forming.

Puppy Chew Toys – Dog Rope Toys Set

Puppy Chew Toys - Dog Rope Toys Set -


Puppy Chew Toys – Dog Rope Toys Set

FONPOO Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers, Natural Cotton Rope

🐶NATURAL HEALTH FP500T series dog rope toy is made of special cotton used in high-end clothing 🐶 All pieces are hand-woven to make a very strong long-lasting, tough dog toy. 🐶 Offers a variety of toys to stop dog boredom 🐶 LIFETIME WARRANTY

Natural Cotton Rope Set from Fonpoo

8. Best Dog Squeaky toys

Some dogs are funny with squeeky toys, they just don’t like them but other dogs I know will always play with a squeeky toy before anything else but me, I can take them or leave them!

Indestructible squeaky dog toy

Don’t bother looking for an indestructible squeaky toy, they just don’t exist and don’t give us dogs a cheap human pup toy because we’ll soon get the squeaker out and we might choke on it.

Every dog needs a squeaky toy at some time so buy us one to try at least. Little Malt is a dog I know who will nearly always play just with her squeaky toys. Here are some good quality squeaky toys that might last some of us quite a long time and they are all very dog safe and good quality.

Some good quality squeaky toys to try

9. Dog Chews best dog chews long lasting Inside or outside dog toy

I’ve got them here as my number 9 favorite toy and yes, I think they are an excellent toy because I’ll play with them for hours until they disappear! I’m talking about long lasting doggy chews here, not dog treats that we eat in a few seconds.

I haven’t met a dog yet that wouldn’t rate a good chew toy we can eat as one of our favorite things. Every human must buy their dog buddy some play chews sometime! Not only are they fun and tasty and sometimes can keep us occupied for a long time but they are good for our teeth and dental health as well. I often get one for just being good but I’ll often get one just to keep me busy for a while when the humans go out and hey, they are never indestructible!

Here are some Dog Chews worth looking


“When an 85 pound mammal licks your tears away, then tries to sit on your lap, its hard to feel sad”

Kristan Higgins

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