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Best Dog Leash

- Dog Leash Types

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Choosing a dog leash is a bit like choosing a dog collar, there are so many choices and materials to choose from so I decided to help you by looking at best Dog Leash-Dog Leash Types.

The first thing to think about is how you are going to use the leash, is it
for just for:

  • our daily walks in the park or in the street?
  • is it for training?
  • are we going swimming or
  • running or jogging?
  • hiking?

We may need more than one leash for different activities and then you should
consider the size and strength of you pawsome friend and the material that is
best suited for the activity so lets look at dog leash types first.

Standard dog leash

All dogs need a standard dog leash which is the most popular type and there
are plenty to choose from. A standard leash length is between 4ft (1.2m) to 6 feet
(1.8m) and the width is between 3/8ths of an inch (0.95cm) to 1-inch wide(2.5cm).
Generally a shorter leash is used on big dogs and a longer leash on smaller

Short (Traffic Handle) Leash

This type of leash is just a short version of a standard leash around 1 foot (30.5cm) to 2 feet (61cm) long and they are used for keeping us (usually bigger dogs) nice and close. They are good if we are going to tight spaces (like the vet) and can also be used well in dog training but sometimes a good adjustable leash can be almost as good. Fairwin Leather Short Dog Leash 12 Inches – Short Dog Traffic Lead Leash for Large Dogs Training

Adjustable dog leash

This is a leash that you can adjust to different lengths. It is good for using with a collar or a harness and instead of a fixed handle it has has clasps on both ends and metal rings at different lengths down the length of the leash. This type of leash is good for tying your dog to a post for a short time, good for walking two dogs and of course, walking with a different length lead. Adjustable Leather dog leash, multi-function genuine leather.

Best Dog Leash and Dog Leash Types- adjustable dog leash
An adjustable dog leash

Slip Lead (Martingale Leash)

This is not a leash for everyday use but they can be used sometimes. They
are made to be a combined leash and collar where the leash goes through a metal
ring to make a slip knot around our little dog necks so they are just like
using a choke collar. They are fast and easy to put on but could damage our
necks and throats,particularly if we pull a lot. The good humans who work in
dog shelters and sometimes vets might use them for quick but short-term control
of a dog they don’t know very well. Slip lead 6 feet nylon dog lead

slip leash - best dog leash -
Slip lead 6 feet nylon dog lead

Retractable Dog Leash

TUG Patented 360° Tangle-Free, Heavy Duty Retractable Dog Leash for Up to 55 lb Dogs; 16 ft Strong Nylon Tape/Ribbon; One-Handed Brake, Pause, Lock
The tug is one of the best if you want to use a retractable leash

I spend a lot of time in the dog park with my human and I see quite a lot of dogs with a retractable lead and in my opinion, they are only good for a well-trained dog. A retractable leash gives us a bit more freedom to move around but keeps the human in control. They are usually made of thinner nylon which can cause painful burns and they don’t give humans enough control for walking training although they can be quite effective in early training for teaching young dogs to come back to you when called if used properly with nice rewards.

Should you use a retractable lead?

Humans don’t have as much control over their dog with these leads so they are best used with small dogs. If they are not used properly they can teach us dogs some bad habits. We learn that we just have to pull to get away and unless we know better, we will take advantage of the extra length and not walk nicely by your side when we are asked to do so. There are a lot of human trainers who just don’t like these leads because of safety risks and say they should not be used at all and because they are a bit bulky, I don’t think they can be so comfortable to carry either.

Umbilical Cord or Hands-Free Leash

I’ve got one of these because I sometimes go for a jog with my human and these are pretty good for jogging. The umbilical cord leash fixes around my human’s waist so he can run without worrying about me and it’s pretty comfortable for me too because it has a good bit of ‘give’ with a rubber bungee piece that lets me know if he stops quickly without tugging me too much. I use my umbilical cord leash too when we go for long walks in the countryside or bush and they used to use it when we went walking with the human pup in his pram.  Adjustable Hands Free Dog Leash, Great Waist Leash for Running, Jogging And Training Servive Dog Made in USA by The Buddy System

The Umbilical Cord leash is great for jogging, shopping or any other time you need 'hands free"

Dog Chain Leash

This is not so much a ‘type’ of leash but a material used to make leashes. Humans like to think that chain leashes are good for dogs that like to chew their leash but I never chewed any of my leashes. A dog leash should always be stored stored away if its not being used! I’ll say more about chain leashes later when I talk about materials. Heavy Duty Metal Chain link Pet Dog Lead Leash with PU Handle for Medium and Small Size Dogs, strong and affordable chain leash.

This chain dog leash comes in various color handles and it will last a long time

Dog split leash for more than one dog

I always go out with my buddy Jerry Shep so quite often my human uses a split leash to hold both of us. They are very good for walking two or more dogs together as there is only one handle to hold with two leashes. You can double them up for more than two dogs also.  Mighty Paw double dog leash

Dog Leash Material - Best Dog Leash-Dog Leash Types

A classic leather dog leash to match my leather dog collar
is my favourite and humans like them too because they are comfortable to hold at the handle, they last a long time and they look good.

They are not the cheapest dog leash but they are worth the money because they last. These dog leashes get better over time as they soften and give an even more comfortable grip which is a big plus if a dog has a strong pull. It’s difficult to get a leather dog leash to tangle up and they come in two types, flat leather or braided leather, both are good.

Leather adjustable leash
Adjustable genuine leather leash, multi- function genuine leather

Chain dog leash

Best dog leash, metal chain with padded handle
This chain leash has a very comforable padded handle

These chain leashes are really tough and no dog likes chewing a metal chain.

The chain links are usually the main part of the leash but most have a material or a leather handle for comfort but chain leashes can be a bit heavy and bulky for everyday use and not very comfortable to grip if you ever have to hold them half way down on the chain link. 

This one, however, has a lovely, comfortable padded handle

  Metal dog leash chain with padded handle

Nylon dog Leash

A nylon dog leash is not very expensive and they are easy to clean. It’s best to look for one that is wider, particularly on the handle as they can cause ‘leash burn’ if they are pulled suddenly.

A wider handle on a nylon dog leash can be quite comfortable in your hand but nylon is harder than leather and some other materials.

Some dogs who grab their lead when humans are not
about can chew through nylon quite quickly and I’d say nylon is best for small and medium dogs that are not so strong. Some are great for night walking because they can often be reflective or even glow-in-the-dark so they can be a pretty good everyday lead.

Nylon dog Leash U2 Paw gift set

The U2Paw gift set is a strong reflective nylon leash

Neoprene Dog Leash - good for dogs with allergies

Nylon dog collars are OK for water and swimming, but neoprene is even better.

Humans who go surfing or diving sometimes wear a wet suit made of neoprene as it is a soft rubber material although with dog collars it usually has some extra strength added with nylon which makes them long lasting.

There is not such a wide choice in neoprene, and they cost a bit more than nylon, but they are very good for dogs with allergies and perfect for dogs that swim a lot and they are comfortable to wear.

Neoprene Service dog leash wrap with neoprene handle

Rope Dog Leash

Rope dog leashes are becoming more popular because they usually have a bit of ‘stretch’ which stops us pulling out arm and shoulders of humans.

They are very strong, long-lasting and often have some nylon through them for extra strength.

They are also quite light and sometimes have a reflective material through them for safe night walking. The one at the side has an accessory loop to clip things like keys and poop bags. My human uses this a lot.

RUFFWEAR- Knot-a-Leash, Reflective Dog Leash With Carabiner

The Ruffwaer - Knot-a-Leash

Biothane dog leash

Best Dog Leash and Dog Leash Types, Biothane dog leash
Biothane is tough, waterproof and very long-lasting

 I like a Biothane dog collars and leashes because I love the water and I play rough with my human and my step-brother Jerry. These collars are good for me.

Biothane is a polyester that is coated with other stuff and it’s non-toxic and less expensive, bend easier and are softer than neoprene. They come in lots of cool styles and colors so we dogs can look pretty cool in neoprene and its great for everyday use.

I’m not sure how anyone can chew their leash unless its left lying around but this stuff will last longer than nylon or neoprene and is difficult to chew or break.

Signature K9 Biothane Leash, 6-Feet x 5/8-Inch

Hemp dog leash – hypoallergenic dog leash

Hemp is a natural renewable material and is good for dogs with allergies or sensitive skin and it does not take on our doggy smell. Hemp, I think, is almost as good as leather, but not as tough and not as classy but it is soft on human hands and it’s light and long- lasting.   

West Paw strolls dog leash with hemp

Best Dog Harness - Best Dog Leash-Dog Leash Types

When I talk about Best Dog Leash-Dog Leash Types, I haven’t said anything about harnesses and I know some humans may look here.

There is a lot more information on harnesses in my review of best dog collars but because harnesses are so important, I’ll just mention two of the best here.

It is so much better if you humans use a harness when you take us out because they are mostly very comfortable to wear and most importantly, they are safe and they will not choke us.

This is a very comfortable harness and it comes in sizes to fit all dogs and it is very safe to wear. You can adjust it around our neck and chest for a great comfortable custom fit and its got two spots for a leash attachment on the back and the chest

A confortable harness is the ideal companion to a good leash

and a smaller dog can be easily lifted with a firm handle on the back. It’s a great everyday harness and for night safety it has reflective straps and its also quite heavily padded with strong stitching.

Rabbitgoo Front Range Dog Harness No-Pull Pet Harness Adjustable Outdoor Pet Vest

Just put this vest over the spine as close to the neck as possible and buckle up the long straps under the belly with the shatterproof buckle. Easy!

Comes with reflective strap. Woven of tough nylon/polyester webbing and super-reflective, this is a very affordable, comfortable harness for any dog.

This is a highly recommended dog harness, it’s a comfy fit lightweight vest and it’s padded for non-chafe cushioning. The vest has Hook and Loop panels for securely attaching therapy/Service Dog patches.

Albcorp Service dog vest harness – reflective – woven polyester and nylon

Tough service dog harness
Reinforced handle for training & emergency con Sturdy stainless steel D-ring for attaching leash or ID tag

Best dog leash - Summary

There are so many choices and materials to choose from if you are looking for a Dog Leash.

The best dog leash for you is the one you decide on after thinking about how you are going to use the leash, how much you want to pay and the best material for your comfort and a dog’s comfort. Think about the use:-

  • our daily walks in the park or in the street?
  • is it for training?
  • are we going swimming or
  • running or jogging?
  • hiking?

There is a leash above that will suit and, after our thorough reviews, you should feel confident in buying one of our choices.

“The bond with a true dog is as lasting as the ties of this earth will ever be.”

–– Konrad Lorenz

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