Best dog Shampoo, best dog conditioner

dog having a bath - best dog shampoo and dog conditioner

Best dog Shampoo, best dog conditioner

You should read about the best dog shampoo and conditioner (and why they are the best) for your dog first but here are our top recommendations for all dog shampoos and conditioners.

Best dog Shampoo, best dog conditioner - dog grooming tools

Dog Shampoo and conditioner

Dogs do groom themselves but sometimes we like to hide our smell by rolling in something nasty! We like to play in dirt too, so we need some help if you want to keep us clean and fresh-smelling.
A good dog shampoo is specially made for dogs to remove not just dirt but smells from our skin. A good shampoo can also help skin problems. 

If there is a bad skin problem with easy-noticed bumps and scabs, it could be quite serious so please take us to a vet immediately.

DO NOT use human soaps or shampoos on dogs. Our skin can be very sensitive, even under a thick coat, and using the wrong types of shampoo or soap can cause skin infections.

How often can you wash a dog?

Shampooing too often will dry out our skin and hair; the same happens with you humans. Dry skin is irritating and will cause us to scratch and might even cause painful cracks in the skin.

Dog’s hair will soon lose its natural shine and can also become damaged if you shampoo too much. A dog’s fur that feels rough to the touch might be getting washed in shampoo too often. 

Active dogs should be washed every 4 to 6 weeks but this can vary depending on how “active” a dog is. A dog outside in the dirt a lot with a long coat will need more cleaning than a short-haired indoor lap dog. 

Labradors and other dogs with double coats should only be washed every 3 months because their “waterproof” oils can be washed out with over- shampooing.

A dog that is is outside getting dirty all the time should just be rinse down with water between shampoos. An inside lap dog might only need washed once every 2 or 3 months when they begin to get smelly.

Buy good quality, gentle dog Shampoo

A good quality dog shampoo doesn’t cost a lot and you don’t have to use much in each bath, so it usually lasts a long time. Unless you are sure of the quality and ingredients, don’t be cheap on shampoo and buy a quality product. Dog shampoo should have natural ingredients and must be 100% non-toxic. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a good, safe dog shampoo and we have two “budget” suggestions below.

A good dog shampoo should also be soap-free and made specially for dogs. While it might be tempting, stay away from over smelly or colored dog shampoos

Best Dog Shampoo, best dog Conditioner Warning

Even with the best Dog Shampoo, best dog conditioner, some dogs can have a bad skin reaction to some shampoos. If you have a new puppy, use a gentle puppy shampoo and it’s a good idea to stick to our advice about using anti-allergenic shampoos and conditioners. These are gentler on all dog’s skin and no matter what the package says, keep shampoo away from the eyes, some of the cheaper ones can cause damage to human and dog’s eyes.

Dog shampoos containing oatmeal are also recommended as they’re made to help irritated skin and help sooth itching.

Vet prescribed medicated shampoos may be necessary for dogs with bad allergie. Off-the-shelf shampoos may cause problems to a few dogs or may not help skin irritations. A vet appointment should be made if this happens

In severe cases, medicated dips might be necessary for flea infestation, mange, bad tick problems or other parasite infections. These should only be used with a vet recommendation as they contain strong chemicals which can cause harm.

Anti-flea and tick shampoos can be effective but should be used with other flee or tick prevention methods.

Best Dog Shampoo for ALL dogs

Shampoo recommendations below are sensible. 

Don’t take any chances and as far as possible use a gentle anti-allergenic shampoo. That way you are more unlikely to be using a shampoo that may cause irritations. Even the best expensive dog shampoos are not too expensive, and a bottle could last for years.

Pro Pet Works All Natural Oatmeal Dog Shampoo + Conditioner is recommended by vets. It is hypoallergenic and soap-free with aloe vera and almond oil and it works well with most sensitive skins.

Aloe Vera and almond oil will help sooth itchy skin and keep the skin moist (hydrated). Almond oil has natural Vitamin E which keeps skin healthy and helps protect skin from UV radiation. It also helps skin repair itself quickly.  

Pro Pet shampoo also contains vitamins A, D and it doesn’t irritate eyes, nose or skin. After shampooing you should find coats that are soft and easy to brush with a nice clean smell.   

This product has been given almost 1700 five-star ratings by people who have used it on their pets so it’s highly recommended – check it out here.

Natural Hypoallergenic Oatmeal Dog Shampoo helps itchy dry sensitive skin and can be used with all size dogs and puppies.   

Mika Pets Oatmeal Dog Shampoo and Conditioner helps relieve dry, itchy and irritated skin. It also contains oatmeal and aloe vera like our number 1 choice and has a nice coconut smell.

It’s hypoallergenic so there shouldn’t be many dogs that have a bad reaction to it. Safe and made from quality cleaning ingredients, we highly recommend it..

You might find that the scent of this is not as strong as our #1 recommendation, but it probably is better at treating dogs with dandruff so find out more and buy here.

Natural Oatmeal Dog-Shampoo and Conditioner Vet Formula has most of the ingredients of the better-quality shampoos but it is not classed as hypoallergenic. Dog shampoos classed as hypoallergenic like the two above may still cause an allergenic reaction. This is quite unusual but you must always be careful when using any new dog shampoo.

Natural Oatmeal dog shampoo is soap-free and contains oatmeal and aloe like the others recommended. It also has other natural oils, vitamins, and extracts that should not irritate a dog’s eyes or nose. This dog shampoo will help moisturize and soothe itchy skin and may also help relieve symptoms of allergies. If symptoms of skin allergy are there, we would suggest you use one of the hypoallergenic shampoos recommended above. For most dogs it will clean, deodorize, and soften the coat making for easy brushing and combing and at a budget price – see here.

Earthbath Oatmeal & Aloe Dog & Cat Shampoo contains oatmeal and aloe (as the name says). It is a soap-free shampoo and should help dry, itchy skin. Note – while this is a very good cheap shampoo, it does come with a warning to keep clear of human and dog’s eyes

Earthbath is: –

  • soap-free with oatmeal and organic aloe vera
  • made to works to re-moisturize, heal and soothe dry, scratched skin while also getting rid of smells
  • vanilla and almond scented to clear odors and keep a dog smelling clean
  • 100% biodegradable, paraben and phosphate-free (helps save our waterways) so find out more and buy here.

Best dog Conditioners

Conditioners are often contained in a good dog shampoo, so it is not necessary to buy more. In fact, conditioners are not essential in a dog grooming kit, but a good conditioner will help keep a coat smooth and shiny.

Conditioners are used after a shampoo to keep a dog’s coat soft, tangle-free and moisturized. Some are designed to be rinsed off while others can be left on the coat to dry.

Like dog shampoo, do not use human conditioner. It can be harmful to a dog’s more sensitive skin. If you want to use a conditioner, why not pick something that is soft and anti-allergenic to avoid problems before they start?

Perfect Coat Hypoallergenic Conditioner is extra mild for dogs with allergies to perfumes and dyes. It is a fragrance-free formula containing aloe vera and Vitamin E which helps keep coats soft and shiny without causing irritation.

Perfect Coat is an easy-rinse formula which washes away soap and lather. Use after shampooing by applying a small amount of conditioner to a wet coat and gently massage it in.  Start at the head and work to the tail, keeping it away from the eyes then rinse. Brush your dog’s coat and dry thoroughly with a clean towel. Quite simple to use and you should see results of a gleaming coat so find out more here.

Perfect coat dog conditioner

Sofee & Co. Natural Oatmeal Dog Puppy Conditioner – White Tea and Ginger helps moisturize, detangle, smooth and soften. It’s formulated to work on allergy-sensitive skin.  

Oatmeal is an ingredient and it should gently sooth, moisturizes and condition dry, itchy, flaky, allergy sensitive skin. The natural formula has a fresh ginger smell. It does help in untangling hair and fur and works quite well on longer hair dogs and it’s quite safe for puppies. There are some other fragrances too so check it out here.

New All Natural Apple Detangling Spray removes tangles while dematting. This contains a soothing lotion with conditioning and works well on long-haired dogs. Dog grooming will be easier and more enjoyable for both human and dog.

The apple smell is fresh and it is made of natural ingredients. The detangle spray helps remove tangles and helps stop new mats from forming.  It is gentle on a dog’s coat and skin and regular use may reduce the number of necessary baths.  

The spray can be used on matted areas before bathing, but it’s best use after like a normal conditioner. The Spray is gentle enough to use as often as needed and comes with a money-back guarantee so check it out here.

Best dog shampoo, best dog conditioner – Summary

Dog’s skin does not have as many layers as human skin and so it is a lot more sensitive. Because it is a lot more sensitive, we should never use product made for humans on our dogs.

It’s important for health to keep your dog clean and an occasional bath is an essential part of dog grooming.

Don’t bath your dog too often as it can cause problems by drying out skin and taking away important natural oils.

This review is looking at the best for all dogs and we recommend anti-allergenic products. Why take a chance of causing a bad reaction if it’s not necessary. Unlike other ‘recommendations’ you may find, we have not listed “the best 10” or the “best 25”, we have just listed the best which means you have just a few excellent products to choose from. Hope you find this useful.


“No one appreciates the very special genius of your conversation as a dog does.”

Christopher Morley

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  • Never use human toothbrushes or human toothpaste to clean a dog’s teeth.
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