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Dog Winter Coat and Dog jackets for winter - Little Malt with jacket on

Dog Winter Coat and Dog jackets for winter 2020 Season

Ita Grey fashion editor for dog coats

Introduction to guess writer Ita Grey - dog winter coat and dog jackets for winter

Hi I’m a guest writer for the Pawsome dogspeaking team. I’ve been asked to do this article on dog winter coat and dog jackets for winter. My name is Ita Grey, you can see my picture above.

 I am 7 years old and my passion is fashion; I’m an Italian Greyhound. A nice warm winter coat is an essential for me but I love spending time in warm Italian summers. Dog coats are my love and they have given me a deep interest in what the best dressed dogs wear each season. I love being dressed up in new costumes for special occasions. Milan is my favorite city and I just love the doggy fashion!

You should read about these dog coats, dog jackets and raincoats first – but here is my top 4 recommendation a in each style.

Dog Winter Coat and Dog jackets for winter​ - Who needs one!

“Everyone needs a coat darling” but unfortunately dog coats and dog clothes are not for every dog. Some dogs are made for cold weather and are very happy in cold, snow and ice. Winter, for other dogs, can be very uncomfortable and they would prefer just to curl up near a heater or snuggle up beside their human.  

Dogs who feel the cold do need a jacket on cold days to keep them warm and dry on their daily walks and when playing outside.

Dog jackets are available in all shapes and sizes, some are just divine so we have reviewed some of the best here.

Do dogs like wearing dog coats?

Most dogs don’t like the idea of being wrapped, even if it is best for them but I just love my doggy outfits.

Training your dog to accept a coat or costume is important. Put a dog coat on your dog for only a few minutes at a time. Reward them and make it a fun experience. Once they know that clothing comes with something ‘special’, they are more likely to accept being ‘dressed’and look forward to putting on clothes.

Dog Costumes

I have another blog on dog costumes so I’ll not say too much about them here but there are some things to remember with all dog clothes.

Soft fabric that doesn’t make any noise and doesn’t have a hood or any headgear is the best way to start. Dog boots can also be very difficult to get a dog to accept so maybe stay away from them to begin with. When.they get used to a simple coat you can slowly add different bits and pieces until they get used to these accessories. Do not rush this; patience and going slowly is always the best way.

Dog Winter Coat and Dog jackets for winter - Older Dogs

Older dogs who may become anxious and stubborn with clothes should be left alone. A simple colorful neckerchief or little bow tie might be as far as it is sensible to go to avoid any stress.

Your dog’s comfort (and safety)is something you must always think about. If you are keen to have them dressed for an occasion, you may find a simple dog jacket or costume with nothing around the head area is best for them to accept.

Dog winter coat and dog jackets for winter – getting the right size

Measure your dog and compare these measurements to the description of what you intend buying. Measurements usually include the measurement around the neck and sometimes the length from neck to the end of the back/beginning of the tail. “Breed” or “weight” factors can never be as accurate as an actual measurement!

Look at how it is fitted. Velcro is common but fasteners are often used. Is the clothing going to be easily removed by your dog because the fasteners are easy to reach and easy to pull out? The dog’s comfort is important so stay away from things like hats if you know they hate things on their head. Try to find soft materials that won’t rub on fur and skin and cause discomfort. 

Best dog winter Coats

Dog coats can offer full-body coverage with sleeves for legs but the most popular usually wrap around the body only. Slim dogs with short hair usually need a bit more insulation in a dog coat while rounder longer-haired dogs need more room in the coat.

Human clothing varies in materials and quality and the same is true of dog clothes. “Extras” on a dog coat can include pockets, reflective material or stripes and better quality coats are adjustable to suit various sizes comfortably.

Our review includes best dog coats for slim dogs, small dogs, large dogs and active dogs plus some excellent dog jackets and dog raincoats.

The Hurtta summit Parka for dogs will cost you more than $80 but it is one of the best we could find. Recommended for active dogs, the jacket doesn’t slip and shift and is designed to protect the chest and abdomen areas.

The Parka is waterproof but breathable and has a high-visibility 3M reflectors.  It has an adjustable back length, belt and collar for a very good fit and attachment loops at the back legs keep it tight but comfortable.  

The jacket is designed to insulate short-haired dogs and dogs with no undercoat. One buckle around the waist makes it very quick and easy to put on and take off.

Fifteen different sizes from 8 inches to 35 inches to choose from, so you’ll find one to fit almost any dog. It comes in a choice of 4 colors for the more fashion conscious. There is also a good fitting chart to make sure you get the right size, a highly recommended dog coat so have a look here.

The Hurtta Casual Quilted overall dog coat is ideal for very cold temperatures and/or hairless dogs. It comes in 9 sizes and 3 colors. 

The quilted overall has warm wadded lining which is soft for everyday use. The “L” shape fit is a specially designed for greyhounds, whippets and other slim breeds. The material has a water and dirt repellent surface coat but it is still very pliable.

It does take a little longer to put on and take off but it does give very good all-over protection from the cold, snow and rain. The adjustable elastic waistband, neck and back length give a good fit for most dogs and the reflective piping is great for the darker winter nights. 

The True Love Mt. Tallac Winter Dog Coat – technical jacket is waterproof, windproof, reflective, insulated with thick fleece lining, and easily adjustable. A good fit is possible with either small or deep chested dogs. 

It really has everything you might look for in a good winter dog jacket and we think very good value at under $50.00.

Best features are:-

  • waterproof and windproof fabric lined with a thick layer of quick drying fleece and 3M silver reflective on sides.
  • fits any chest size
  • excellent coverage of the hip muscles and leg loops to keep the coat fitting nicely around the rear of the dog.
  • faux fur lining the neck area, and elastic adjustable string to personalize the fit around the neck and prevent any snow from entering the neck area and its machine washable.

The neck of the coat has an elastic band which can be adjusted to keep snow or cold air from entering in the neck. It also has leg loops and additional fabric around the hips for a good fit.  

Adjustment should only need done once and then it’s easy and quick to put on and take off. The band that snaps together at the top of the back holds the coat in place well.

Our only slight criticism is that it lacks a good leash connection. The leash tends to pull the jacket down slightly at the neck. A slit would have solved this small problem. This is an excellent cold weather or snow dog coat at a very reasonable price.

TRUE LOVE Mt Tallec Winter dog coat

Zack & Zoey Nor’easter Dog Coat  is a versitile blanket-style coat which fits most dogs comfortably. There are eight sizes and eight stylish colors to choose from. It covers most of the body leaving legs free. It has two adjustable velcro straps for easy fitting around the head and tummy and is reversible. One side is waterproof for those wet and snowy days, the other is a warm, soft printed fleece.  

The Nor’easter coat has reflective strips and a reflective logo for safety on dark nights. 

This is a very popular and highly rated coat so find out more here.


Dog jackets for winter

We dogs love being outside and going for walks. Most of us suffer in the freezing cold weather and the winter coats above are all excellent for keeping us warm on the coldest of days.

 It does get pretty cold in the Spring and the Fall too sometimes and many dogs live in areas where it is chilly but there’s no need for a warm snow coat like those above. 

Here are some of the very best jumpers and jackets available for those very cold, but not absolutely freezing days. They’ll all add to the comfort of your dog in the cold.

The Gooby – Fashion Vest, for small dogs comes in 5 sizes to suit small to medium dogs up to around 35lbs (16kg). This is a very good quality and highly rated dog jacket. It is water-resistant and has a warm inner-fleece for colder days.

 The fabric can stretch and the vest will comfortably fit lots of different shapes and sizes. It’s also easy care and machine -washable. Fourteen different patterns are available but watch for the check ones as these are NOT water-resistant.

These very affordable dog jackets are easy to put on and take off with snap buttons to hold it in place before using the back zip. The zipper has a guard to stop it catching on fur and the stretchable knit bottom gives a good tight fit.

Looking for something warmer? The Gooby – Padded Vest is also very good value with the added benefit of making it easy for a dog to “wee” while wearing the lovely warm jacket.

Gooby Padded vest also worth a look

The Chilly Dog Boyfriend Dog Sweater may take a few minutes to work out what size to buy, but the frustration is worth it. (Tip -the best sizing guide is in a photo!). You will find one to fit most dogs but be careful with hairless or very short-coated dogs as it is 100% wool. Some dogs may find wool an agitation against skin.

The quality of the sweater is very good. It’s a very well hand- knitted, beautifully stitched sweater made of medium weight wool and a bargain at under $30.00.

It’s also quite easy to get on and off which can be a small difficulty with some doggy sweaters. We might also suggest to maybe go a little bit larger if you have an older dog with pains to allow for a little more stretch.

  •     100-Percent wool dog sweater
  •     Fits 10-18-pound
  •     hand knit by Quechuan Indians

The RC Pet Products Baseline dog fleece dog coat  is an excellent dog jacket for nearly all dog sizes. In particular they are very good for little dogs in chilly weather. 

It comes in 11 different sizes and 5 bright colors (well 4 bright colors and black!).

The material is soft and stretchy fleece so you will get a comfortable, snug fit.

This is an excellent jacket for those moderately cold days but could easily be used under a heavier coat on very cold days. It is a good design with an opening for a leash which is easy to put on and take off.

The RC Pet Products Baseline Dog Fleece, Dog Coat is well-worth the money at around $20.00 so find out more here.                                                                                                                               

Expect a lot from the CHBORLESS pet dog sweater for the price and it can serve various purposes; warm dog pajamas, soft cat sweater; puppy warmer or small dogs winter sweater.

For the price, this is very good value for those cold days or night. Make a fashion statement with 12 colors to choose from and 5 sizes for small to medium size dogs.

Made from soft cotton blend material, these are comfortable to wear, quite easy to put on and will keep your dog warm on cold days and nights.  Any dog will look adorable and cute but they are suitable for small dogs to medium/small only. 

Great for puppies feeling the cold or add them to the Christmas stocking! It’s a pity they are not sized for larger dogs. 

You really can’t go wrong at this price for a very good indoor sweater or for cooler Spring or Fall walks so check it out here.

The Kurgo Dog Jacket is a reversible winter coat for dogs of all sizes. It is a fleece lined vest with reflective piping for high visibility. At just over $30.00 and a life-time warranty, it is very good value.

A dog jacket which is excellent for every-day use suitable for all occasions and very good for active, outdoor dogs.

This reversible lightweight jacket gives you 2 for 1; it’s easy to put on and take off and machine washable. 

Made from rugged rip stop waterproof nylon and padded with 140g Polytech fill, it’s warm and made to last. 

A handy zipper opening at the neck makes it easy to use a harness underneath or a leash. Warmer dog jumpers or small jackets underneath can be used in very cold weather. 

It comes in 8 colors and 5 sizes for small, medium and large dogs. A very popular dog jacket well worth checking out here.

Best dog Rain Coats

Raincoats obviously keep dogs drier in wet weather. Many small dogs in particular don’t like the rain and getting wet!  

Keeping your dog dry in wet weather can stop that wet doggy smell in your house. Raincoats also help keep your dog from picking up dirt in the wet and keep them warmer on a cold day. A high visibility rain coat can also make those dark day walks a lot safer in busy areas.

Weatherbeeta Reflective Dog Parka 300D Deluxe is a lightweight parka made of 300 Denier fabric. Covered adjustable hook and loop closures give a good and comfortable fit keeping a dog dry in the worst rain. It also gives a good amount of warmth with a 220gram polyfill padding. The collar flips up for easy leash attachment and it’s reflective for safer evening or night walks.

The sta-dry covered touch tape closures work well and with the elastic across the neck and rear legs it stays tight and dry. It is advertised as “completely waterproof” and the tight fit still allows easy movement. It comes in all sizes but it is only available in reflective yellow. 

At just over $50.00, it’s not the cheapest of dog rain coats but it is the Weatherbeeta Reflective Dog Parka 300D Deluxe

RUFFWEAR – Sun Shower Lightweight Waterproof Rain Jacket for Dogs is a lightweight waterproof rain jacket for warmer days. It’s available in 6 nice bright colors with a reflective trim and comes in all sizes to fit most dogs.

It’s comfortable to wear and easy for any human to fold up and carry when not in use. The side-release buckles make for quick and easy on/off and the fold-up collar for stormy conditions is a good feature. The vest-fit design has a couple of openings for most leashes or harnesses.

This is a very good light-weight rain jacket but it is not insulated. It will not give much protection against the cold but a perfect rain jacket for warmer days so check it out here.

Ezer Waterproof Dog Coat makes a good waterproof rain jacket for colder days. It has a soft fleece lining to keep out the cold and its reflective for extra safety at night time.

At just over $16.00 this is a very good value jacket but it would have to be described as ‘showerproof” rather than waterproof.  Its may not be the best dog jacket for heavy rain but excellent for short walks in the wet.

The dog raincoat is covered by a nylon waterproof coating and is machine washable. Sizes are for any dog and there are a few duel color options to choose. It generally fits very well and there is a good opening big enough for a harness or any leash.

A good value product that will suit most dogs on wet and/or cold days so find out more here.

Ellie Dog Wear Yellow Zip Up Dog Raincoat comes with reflective buttons, pockets and a removable hood.

It’s designed to keep dogs dry. The hood is great but may not suit all dogs; the good thing is that it’s removable.  The short front sleeves are not just cute but add to the rain protection this very good waterfroof fabric gives. 

The zip up design makes dressing easy and it also has a button and drawstring to keep the coat tight and waterproof.   

The Ellie Dog Wear Raincoat has a couple of handy pockets and a well=placed opening for  a leash.

You should find one for most dogs from extra small to extra extra large and all sizes come in a nice bright yellow so check it our here.

Dog winter coat and dog jackets for winter - Summary

I have looked at dog winter coats and dog jackets for winter plus I’ve included a few of the best doggy raincoats in this review. I based my recommendations on quality, fit and comfort as well as thinking very carefully about price. Just like human clothes, the best lasting quality is usually a little more expensive.

For those who have cold and snowy winters, I just had to choose 2 Hurtta products – they are made in Finland and maybe that’s why they are so warm and cosy.

For those not-so-cold days and for dogs who hate being wrapped up in coats, I’ve looked at some excellent value doggy sweaters and dog jackets that should please most dogs and dog owners.

Finally for those wet days, I have given you the best choices in rain-wear including a very good lightweight rain coat for warmer weather and summer.

There is such a huge choice in dog coats and jackets. I have looked at hundreds of coats and jackets and raincoats I am confident you and your dog will be happy with those that are reviewed here.

Love from Ita Grey, guest writer for the Pawsome dogspeaking team. xxx

“There is no faith which has never yet been broken, except that of a truly faithful dog.” –

Konrad Lorenz (zoologist)

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