Dog clothes – dog fancy dress

dog clothes - dog fancy dress, superman dog

Dog Clothes - dog fancy dress

Ita Grey fashion editor for dog coats

By Guest star Ita Grey - her passion is fashion

Dog clothes – dog fancy dress – what a topic for me as I look at the latest 2020 fashions!

Hi I’m a guest writer for the Pawsome dogspeaking team. My name is Ita Grey, you can see my picture above. My passion is fashion! I am an Italian Greyhound. I need warm clothing for winter but I also love being dressed up in new costumes for some fun and style for special occasions.  

Who should buy dog costumes?

Anyone who has a dog they’d like to dress up should consider purchasing a dog costume. You might decide to dress up your dog on a regular basis or maybe you’d simply like to use a costume for a special event like a wedding, a family reunion, a special day or a costume party.

A dog costume also makes a great gift for someone who loves their dog and isn’t afraid to show it. Do you have a friend who considers their dog a member of the family? A costume for the pooch might be the perfect item to bring them for any holiday or gift-giving occasion.

Some things to consider please. Do dogs like wearing dog clothes - dog fancy dress?

Most dogs do not like the idea of being wrapped up in clothes, even if it is best for them. Training your dog to accept a coat or costume is important. Put a dog coat on your dog for only a few minutes at a time. Reward her and make it a fun experience. Once she knows that clothing comes with something ‘special’, she is more likely to accept being ‘dressed’.



In fact, never use any chemicals near your dog unless prescribed by a Vet.

Ask yourself please, why  you would choose to dye a DOG another color?  It’s a terrible thing to do, considering the dogs can’t really decide to be blue or pink on color, or to go through the sometimes frightening and tiring process. Prettying up dogs using human grooming products is definitely VERY DANGEROUS!

Some treatments are advertised “pet-friendly”, they often are not. Even some dog shampoos are bad for dogs, you can read more by clicking here.

Read about this poor little one poor little Pomeranian who ended up very sick and actually had an ear amputated because the owner used hair dye – a very bad idea!

Dog Costumes - dog clothes - dog fancy dress

Soft fabric that doesn’t make any noise and doesn’t have a hood or any headgear is the best way to start.

Dog boots can also be very difficult to get a dog to accept so maybe stay away from them to begin with. When.she gets used to a simple cover or coat you can slowly add different bits and pieces until she gets used to them. Do not rush this; patience and going slowly is always the best way.

Older dogs who may become anxious and stubborn with clothes should be left alone. A simple colourful neckerchief or little bow tie might be as far as it is sensible to go to avoid any stress. Always be aware of your dog’s comfort (and safety) and if you are keen to have her dressed for an occasion, you will find a simple costume with nothing around the head area that she is happy to accept.

dog clothes - dog fancy dress, two dogs dressed for Hallloween

What costume to buy your dog? - Dog clothes - dog fancy dress

The majority of dog costumes are not very expensive and you will find a costume for every occasion:-

  • Valentines day,
  • St Patricks Day,
  • Chinese New Year,
  • Formal dress,
  • Halloween,
  • Thanksgiving or
  • Holiday/Christmas dog costumes

In many cases, the “quality” is not such a big issue as they are usually only worn a few times and are not made for “every-day use”. If they are made well enough to last a few wears then it is probably good enough as long as it is comfortable on the dog!

The best dog clothes - dog fancy dress for you is something you want for that special occasion

We had fun looking at lots of dog costumes to try and recommend the best for your dog and to be truthful, we found it difficult to recommend “the best’ because it really is all about the occasion and what YOU want for your dog, its not about us telling you what is ‘best’.

We’ve decided to offer a few that we thought were really cute and worth a look but in nearly all cases, just look at our first choice and I’m sure you will find something appropriate and at a good price for the occasion. Just please look at “Some things to consider please” above and check your size and fit before ordering.

Our dog clothes - dog fancy dress recommendations!

Number 1 - Read the above and choose what suits for yourself

The Amazon new releases in dog costumes has a huge and relatively cheap range of options. Above, you’ll see just 8 on offer at the time of writing. Not only do they keep you up-to-date with the latest fashions but they are very good at highlighting the newest costumes for the particular celebration. For example, you’ll not get a lot of Christmas/Holiday dog fancy dress being advertised around St Patricks Day or Valentines Day! There changing selections are good and up-to-date and are usually advertising the best for the celebration about to come up.

For most, you need look no further, you’ll probably find what you are after on these pages.

So just click here and have a good look at the large, inexpensive selection for yourself!

The Tomsenn Dog Lion Mane is quite realistic and quite a good-fitting lion mane for dogs. It’s even more realistic in the two-tone mane (not illustrated).

It can be more difficult to find simple costumes for larger dogs, so this may be your answer!

If you want your medium-size to large dog to look like King of the Jungle this is not very obtrusive although dogs that don’t like head-gear may not want to wear it!

It’s pretty well-made and can easily be cleaned.  Made from high-quality Polyester fiber the dog lion mane feels like wool. 

It will fit neck sizes from 60 cm to 80 cm. (23.5inches to 31.5inches)

Make yourself popular by offering it as a gift! Have a look at the brown and the two-tone dog’s mane by clicking here.

We love these ‘ride-on” costumes. This official Star Wars product, Star Wars Bantha Rider, is great for most medium – size dogs and looks good even if you don’t wear the head-gear.

The outfit includes the saddle with the attached rider and a separate headpiece. 

Not all outfits will fit all dogs so think about this costume’s style and the size of your dog, there is not much ‘extra space for fatter or bigger dogs.

There is a pet size chart to help you buy and also a helpful video. Best to get it right because as costumes go this is one of the more expensive at under $30.00.

This costume is an officially licensed Star Wars costume.

There are a range of Star Wars charactors you can have more fun with including:-

At-At, Chewbacca, Princess Leia, Queen Amidala, Darth Vader and BB-8, plus a few more. Have a look at the whole thing by clicking here.

You’ve just got to love this and maybe you’ve seen it on TV?  The Pandaloon Panda Puppy Dog and Pet Costume Set – a Walking Teddy Bear with Arms.

The cutest walking teddy bear costume with arms ever seen! The Pandaloon Panda Puppy costume is perfect for taking photos or costume contests or any other special event (if you don’t mind your dog becoming the star attraction!

It comes in 2 sizes for small dogs only. The face opening may be adjusted up to a 4-5 inch diameter but again, make sure you measure up your small dog before buying so have a good look by clicking here.

We’ve got a little section here on one of the most popular types of Dog Costumes – the Superhero!

Remember that many dogs will just not like headgear or something covering their eye area like a mask, but any dog can look pretty cool in just a simple Superman or Batman cape.

There are many to choose from and we have just highlighted some of the best and most popular. All are ‘official DC Comics costumes” and they have good sizing charts for almost any size of dog. Just click the title for full information.

DC Comics Superman Shirt and Cape Pet Costume                                                                                               

DC Comics Titans – Robin Pet Costume

Rubie’s Costume DC Heroes and Villains Collection Pet Costume-Supergirl

DC Comics for Pets Dog Costume – Batman

Marvel Rubie’s Classic Spider-Man 

Any of these dog costumes should be a great, low-cost dog costume for any occasion, even if you do without the head-gear!

7. Just a couple of "Jockey" or "Rider"

Again, these are only here because I love them! I don’t think there is anything as cute. Some dogs might try and ‘chase” the rider on it’s back so you might try some simple training before going out on your first walk but basicallt, these are pretty good unobtrusive costumes for dogs.

Our first choice for all Western Fans is The NACOCO Cowboy Rider Dog Costume for Dogs Clothes Knight Style with Doll and Hat for Halloween Day Pet Costume. This is a cute “rodeo style” cowboy riding along on your dog’s back. It comes in many sizes to fit most dogs and its a guaranteed eye-catcher on a walk!

The second choice is Zack & Zoey Show Jockey Saddle Dog Costume. This is well-made, should cause least annoyance to your dog and can also be used as a dog-walking harness. Again, a little walk with a saddle and jockey on your dog’s back is a real attention grabber. 

The third choice is definitely for Star Wars fans! I do not recommend this costume for dogs that are not used to being ‘dressed-up” as the ‘jacket’ will cover most of the dog and could be very annoying for dogs not used to clothes.

Rubie’s Costume Co – Dewback Pet Rider Costume is an official Star Wars product. It only comes in one size so be careful with your fitting sizes before ordering. It is made of nice soft material for doggy comfort and is a real eye-catcher at any fancy dress party. 



dog fancy dress - costume riders

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