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Meet Labra, Editor and all-round dog expert

Hi I’m Labra, and me and my friends are here to tell you some important things about how to look after and care for me and my friends so its all about dogs talking about dogs. 

It’s our mission to give as much sensible, free advice to human dog lovers the world over to improve the life of as many dogs as we can. With our old, experienced human buddies, we know there is a need to give you humans a lot of common sense, easy to understand, practical advice that will help our canine friends around the world have a happier life.

 If you read only one other page on this site, please read “Best Dogs for First Time Owners and look at our number 1 choice. Just one human who follows our recommendation makes all our work worthwhile; save a dog’s life just one at a time. If you want to know more about me and my friends, check us out in the “Who Are We ” page.

Dog owner mistakes

Human owners just seem to make so many mistakes in looking after us. Sometimes you know you are making mistakes and what do you do? You ask another human! Remember it’s you guys who make round pizza, put it in a square box then eat it in triangles – sometimes you’re not too smart! (Dogs love pizza but its not a good idea to give us much).

People are always doing things that you think are right but you just don’t really understand what we dogs are actually want? It’s not always your fault because you go to the internet for advice and some of the ‘advice’ from “experts” is often just wrong.

There are even some highly experienced dog trainers out there who tell you to use training methods and some training equipment that is at best unnecessary and at worst just down-right cruel! 

Reviews on dog equipment

There are some tools and equipment that many ‘experts’ think are great or even essential in looking after us. These ‘experts’ will disagree with a lot of what we say because there are some things we think should be banned because they are just cruel! There are other pieces of dog equipment that we don’t think the ‘average’ dog owner should own or use. Read more about this in “Dog Crate training” and “Dog Grooming Kit“.

We’ll do a few reviews on doggie equipment for you too and hopefully help you choose the best equipment at the best prices so maybe save you some money which you can use to buy us a few treats! 

We have looked at many other review pages and ended up wondering “What is the point?” of the page? If I’m looking for the best dog shampoo or the best dog clippers, I don’t want to end up with a choice from the best 25, I’d be as well ‘guessing’ myself! ! I only need to know the best 2 or 3 that will be suitable and best for purpose! 

We’ve only reviewed the best here, (mostly under the “Equipment” menu), to give you an easy choice.

Here’s your chance to really understand what we need and what’s best for us.

How to train a dog - little Malt playing -
Good loving care gives you a happy dog - Little Malt playing

Dogs talking about dogs – learn about dogs

The pawsome dogspeaking team will be righting bits about:-

  • Dog training from an expert, Jerry Shep, hugely intelligent, he’ll tell you how his training worked with some help from Little Malt
  • What’s best for us dogs? Let’s teach you basics dog training in some very simple dog training exercises
  • Why there are better training aids than dog crates but also some proper training guidelines for those who might find dog cage use essential.
  • Our body language and what we are actually saying instead of you making the wrong guesses based on how you are feeling and not how we are feeling.
  • How to take care of a dog? Dog health and all the important things you need to know about caring for us.
  • Part of dog health is dog grooming. We hope you read these pages and take our advice about grooming tools you should probably NOT use!
  • We all need a  bed for our comfort, a leash and a collar so find out about the best cheap dog beds, the best dog harness to stop pulling (and don’t hurt us) and the best dog collars to choose for us.
  • And what about car dogs and dog training for the car? We need to be safe just like you and your human puppies.  What dog seat belt should we be wearing and what about a good dog car harness?

Cool Looking dogs

You want a cool looking dog so where do you start? Please, if you read nothing else on this site, look at “Best dogs for first time owners” and think very carefully about taking up on our number one choice.

We like to look good too but you so often get it wrong. Please read our tips on dog grooming and what not to do. There is a time and place for cheap dog clothes and a good dog winter coat! We’ll help you with that.

Caring for a dog and dog health

Dogs talking about dogs - learn about dogs -
Labra Dor and Bull Staffy having an afternoon nap together

Let me and my friends guide you in all the important things that you sometimes get wrong like:-

Diet dog food for:- dog food for allergies, hypoallergenic dog foods, best cheap dog food

Your essential dog guide is here – straight from the dog’s mouth. Read, listen and learn about dogs from a team of experts.

Understand dogs better – Good dog owners

If humans better understood us dogs, we’d all be happier and you can stop some poor dog’s little problems. Do your bit to stop bad behaviour, dog bites and other problems by learning about us. It is a fact that there is no such thing as a bad child, just bad parenting. A good dog owner is the same, a good owner never has a bad dog!

Fully experienced and expert in their chosen dog topics

Dogs speaking about dogs, Heinz on the bed having a rest -
Heinz Bitza having a rest on the bed

Not only are we a team of speaking and writing dogs, but we all are experts in something about dogs.

If you want to know anything about dogs sleeping or dog beds, or grooming then Little Malt is the expert; I think she might have studied human psychology too because she really understand humans! 

My German friend Jerry is one of the most experienced dogs in the world with dog toys – he’ll play with them all day if you let him but he’s also very smart, probably even smarter than me. 

Bull is still young and thinks he is still a puppy, he thinks he knows it all but like all puppies, he’s had a few visits to the vet and knows about dog health. 

Heinz loves her food and being a bit of lots of dogs herself, she’s quite a dog breed expert. Listen to her words when choosing the best dog for first time owners.

Dog editor superstar Labra, with over 10 years of experience

Everything has to go through me, wise old Labra. I’m an expert on all things dog because I’m smart and I’ve been around for a few years. You’ll find an answer to any of your doggie questions from me or one of my Pawsome team experts.

Dog Essentials

We dogs come in all colors and sizes. One of us will fit into any family and soon be your most loyal and best friend. Please, if you are thinking about a new puppy or dog, make sure you look at your local shelter or pound first. If you hadn’t thought of this, I know you’ll be very happily surprised at what you can find there.

We do need you humans to look after us – give us love, a comfortable place to sleep, feed us, groom us, bath us and if we get ill, we’ll need a visit to the vet. We dogs just love being showered with affection and love but we give more back than you can ever give us! Look through what we have here, follow what we say and you are on your way to having the best buddy ever!

Further Reading – dogs talking about dogs

 RSPCA – Dog Care

American Kennel Club – basic training

There is a full introduction to each member of the Pawsome dogspeaking team on the “Who Are We?” page. If you want to know more about any of the team, you can go there now by clicking here.

Please, if you are thinking about getting an awsome dog buddy, have a quick read through the page written by Heinz Bitza “Best dogs for first time owners – healthiest dog breed”.

Heinz knows what she is talking about when it comes to dog breeds (she has so many part breeds in her). She begs you, as we all do on the team, to look at the number 1 choice. If you want to know the healthiest and easiest dog for you, Heinz will help you with the answer.

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