Dog grooming tools – dog clippers and scissors

Dog grooming tools - dog clippers and scissors little dog

Dog grooming tools - dog clippers and scissors

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Dog Grooming tools

Please read about these dog grooming tools-dog clippers and scissors first but here are our top recommendations on dog clippers and dog scissors.

There are some pet groomer tools that I think should be left to professionals, dog grooming tools – dog clippers and scissors must be used with extreme care.

Occasional trimming of hairy feet or maintaining a neat look between professional grooming is something you can learn. Scissors are a tool best left to professional groomers because it is so easy to cause severe damage.

Dog grooming tools for a quick tidy-up or for light trimming between professional grooming are reviewed here. 

The best dog clippers for professional use for full trimming and styling are also reviewed. Just because a manufacturer calls his grooming clippers “professional” doesn’t mean they are good for full professional trimming. Professional dog clippers will be 5 times more expensive than those reviewed for light home use. Scissors which come”free” with some dog clipping kits should probably be thrown out unless you are very experienced. Very experienced dog groomers would be using a selection of scissors which are more expensive to buy than a whole home grooming dog clipper set!

Dog and pet shaving clippers or shavers - Dog grooming tools - dog clippers and scissors​

Dog shaving or pet shaving clippers are very safe to use in the right hands. It takes some training and experience to do a good clip and none of us like being left looking like a poor abandoned street dog! A good clip needs the best of tools and usually the need for some scissor work. The cheaper dog clipping sets below are excellent for tidy-up and home trimming between professional grooms but we don’t recommend them for full clips – no matter what is says on the packaging! Check your local services pages and you’ll find a professional who’ll do the job without you spending a fortune or risking a scissor jab through the eye or chest of your best buddy!

Best Dog Clippers

Dog clippers come in many different forms so the first thing you must decide is what type of clippers do I need for my dog? Here are the most common types.

Occasional trimming dog clippers

Clippers for occasional trimming – Light use dog clippers do not need to be too expensive. A light trim is usually a quick job with a single blade so you don’t need to worry as much about the speed of the blades and over-heating with prolonged use. These are often cordless for convenience and have a standard electric motor.

"Tidy-up" between professional trim dog clippers

Tidying up coats between professional trims –  A faster timmer speed is usually necessary for this with a couple of inter-changeable blades. More costly than a simple single-blade clipper usually but they will be doing more work. This type of dog clipper is now usually cordless for convenience and has a more powerful standard electric motor.

Trimming and styling dog clippers

Trimming and Styling needs professional clippers best used by professionals. Doing a full style and trim with cheaper, slower over-heating clippers can be dangerous for you and your dog. Professional clippers have varying speeds, constant strong torque and a range of different inter-changeable blades and combs. It will probably cost at least $150 for a reasonable truly professional set. A clipper manufacturer may describe a set of clippers as “professional’ but that doesn’t mean a professional would use them!

Professionals dog clippers are designed for all-day professional use. They have attachments and blades for all kinds of thick and thin coats which are easily and quickly changed. 

They are usually powered by a strong rotary electric motor and they don’t heat up quickly. Cordless designs are becoming more common as batteries improve but they can normally be used when plugged in and charging too. There are now a couple of good cordless makes available.

Dog grooming tools - dog clippers and scissors for a professional dog groomer

Professional dog clippers will come with a variety of rust and chemically resistant blades to ensure that if a dog is nipped or cut, it will have much less chance of causing infection. 

Ceramic edge blades are probably the best and most expensive blades. Ceramic blades don’t heat up nearly as much as steel blades. Blade choices are many but all will include – finishing blades; wide T blades and skip tooth blades all designed for a special purpose. A multi-speed function can be important depending on the blade being used and the job being done and torque is also important to keep the speed even on the heaviest of coats.

The best new dog clippers are almost maintenance free and don’t require as much oiling and greasing as the older ones. Stick to the manufacturer recommendations on the oil to use. They are also well-designed for easy and comfortable use and run quietly without over-heating.

The description and price of a good set of professional clippers will convince some people that full dog styling and clipping is best left to professionals. Professionals are trained and they have a wide selection of high quality scissors and the proper (expensive) tools. 

Best dog clippers for occasional trimming

Important note: – We are not talking about “The Best Dog Clippers” in our first few reviews. You can see some of the best below under “Best Professional Dog Clippers”.

Dog clippers in the first 2 reviews are very good for purpose. They are clippers for light use; tidying up long hair on feet or tails or bits of hair or fur that stick out. Full styling and cutting of a full coat is not recommended!

Dog clippers 3 and 4 reviewed are much better clippers good for trimming between professional grooming trips. These do need to be used carefully, they are affordable and do a good intermediate job.

Professional dog clippers are reviewed last. These are the best dog clippers three to five times more expensive than the ‘home trimming’ type.  

The Visson VISSON Dog Clipper Grooming kit for small dogs and cats is all most dog owners should need for the occasional light clip tidy up. At under $20.00 they are an excellent addition to a grooming kit. They are NOT designed for full grooming and have a narrow head but are excellent value for the little jobs like trimming hair around paws, eyes, ears and face.

Ceramic blades are included in this budget dog grooming kit which won’t get hot or rust like steel blades. The cutter is R-shaped to avoid catching skin and they give you a pretty good stainless steel dog comb.

It’s relatively quiet at less than 60 DB, cordless and re-chargable with a USB by power bank, computer, or power adapter but takes up to 4 hours to re-charge.

What you get for under $20.00

  • Grooming Clipper
  • Comb Attachment
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Stainless Steel Comb
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Clipper Lube
  • User Manual

The Visson comes with a one year warranty and worth finding out more here.

oneisall Dog Shaver Clippers dog grooming set is a low noise, rechargeable cordless electric clippers set for dogs and other pets. This is an exceptionally good set for light grooming or touch-up between professional grooming at a very good price.

Light trimming only is our recommendation and ignore the manufacturer’s comment. “Please Note: if  your pets get long and thick hair, you need to use scissors cut shorter at first, otherwise the clippers may jam up and don’t work properly”.  Only Professionals should use scissors to groom a dog, so don’t be tempted to use them! Cheap Scissors are included in the set but use them for something else!An inexpensive set like this is good but would not be used by professionals. It is very good for the small jobs you may want to do with your pets.

The rechargeable Li-ion Batttery is included but they can be used while the clippers are plugged in and charging.

The stainless steel fixed blade and ceramic moving blade gives a good cut. Ceramic edges are slow in heating up and can provide excellent cutting performance. The blade is sharp enough for a long time use and the detachable blades are easy to change and clean.

Vibration is mangeable and at 50 db it is quiet. Four guard combs (3mm/6mm/9mm/12mm) are quick and easy to change and are included.  

A stainless steel comb (as well as the scissors which most of you should throw away) also comes with this kit, all for under $30.00 so find out more here.

Bousnic Dog Clippers 2-Speed cordless pet hair grooming clippers kit is a re-chargeable clipper for all dogs cats and other pets. Recommend for trimming between professional grooming again even although the manufacturer encourages buyers to use it instead of using a professional groomer! Please ignore the manufacturers advice! 

The kit has all the tools necessary for grooming (again including scissors which we recommend most of you should throw away).

Four combs are included with stainless steel and ceramic blades and the motor 2-speed and quiet.

A USB cable is included but there is no charging adapter. It is easily charged with a phone adapter, power bank or laptop making it easy to use outside of the USA.

Retail price is around $40.00 and it is a good tool for keeping your dog trim between professional grooms. The kit includes:

  1. Dog Clipper
  2. Stainless Steel Scissors
  3. Stainless Steel Comb
  4. Attachment Guide Combs (3 / 6 / 9 / 12mm)
  5. USB Charging Cable
  6. Cleaning Brush
  7. Blade Oil
  8. User Guide

Find out more and buy here.

The Wahl Lithium Ion Pro Series will work for most sizes and coats and is best used for trimming & touch-ups between professional groomer visits.

A long lasting electric rechargeable battery with a 2-hour run time is a good feature and it has a quick re-charge. Relatively quiet, it is low-noise and is good on all fur/hair up to double coats for large breeds and small dogs.

The blades are self-sharpening so they don’t snag very often. The pack contains a 4 oz oil bottle and combs are color coded to make it easier to find the right length.

A pair of scissors is also included in this kit but hopefully they will NOT be used by anyone without lots of experience!

At under $50 for the kit, this is good value for money from a very respected brand so see more here. 

Professional dog grooming Kits - Dog grooming tools - dog clippers and scissors

The dog grooming kits above are recommended for light trimming and tidy-up between professional grooming. They are all affordable and an excellent addition to most dog grooming supplies for the average dog owner. Most come with stainless steel combs and scissors. 

Unless you are very experienced in dog grooming we beg that you don’t use scissors with your dog. Just a quick jump, wiggle or fright and you may have a dog with just one eye or a stab in the chest, or worse. Yes it happens often!

Dog grooming tools described as “Professional” do not mean you would ever find a true professional using them!

Dog grooming clippers for a busy experienced professional will cost a lot more than those described above. Good professional dog grooming clippers will be a lot more than $100. 

Professionals, whither they be carpenters or plumbers or anything else, can make jobs look easy is because they spend a lot of money in buying the best tools for the job. It’s not just ‘experience’ that gives you a great job. Its an experienced professional using tools made for professionals. 

Here are a couple of suggestions for professional grooming tools.

Andis Excel Pro-Animal 5-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper is a professional dog grooming tool. 

It has a powerful five speed rotary motor which will cut any coat. The lower speeds result in cooler running and great for cutting round sensitive areas like the ears. The higher speeds give a smooth finish to the body. The detachable ceramic-edged blades are easily changed and run cooler and longer than steel.  

The electric rotary motor has 5 speeds and runs on standard 120V and is 10% faster than the slightly less expensive AGC Super 2-Speed by Andis. Easy detachable blades are a key featur. I comes with a size 10 ceramic edge blade but it takes all the wide selection of UltraEdge, CeramicEdge and ShowEdge blades. (All sold separately).

This heavy-duty clipper is powerful enough for thick coat cutting for dogs such as poodles, terriers and spaniels. It stays cool, unlike the cheaper magnetic motor designs and it is quiet. Larger to medium size dog with a lot of thick fur will require the purchase of other blades, you can find out more and buy here.

Wahl Professional Animal Motion Pet, Dog, Cat, and Horse Corded / Cordless Clipper Kit is a Hungarian made cordless clipper with blades from Germany. These clippers have an interesting scissor type removable finger grip that lesson the chance of dropping them.

The Wahl has an adjustable ‘5 in 1’ blades and lithium ion battery which gives a powerful and quiet cutting performance. A ‘5 in 1’ blades included is the pro blade offering a #9-10-15-30-40 cut lengths. Optional blades include a: fine blade; coarse blade; diamond blade; #45 Non-adjustable Blade – Surgical Use.

A quick 45 minute full charge time and a 90 minute run time with constant speed control gives constant torque. The lightweight (9.5oz) design with the finger grip make it easy to use anywhere. With up to 5,500 strokes per minute this clipper will get through the thickest hair.

The traffic light LED multi-level display gives a quick indication of the battery level remaining. This clipper is designed for use in the USA only and is not designed for international use.

For under $160.00, the package comes with:

·         5-in-1 fine blade set with 5 adjustable sizes (#9, #10, #15, #30, and #40)

·         6 plastic attachment guide combs (#1: 1/8-inch, #2: 1/4-inch, #3: 1/3-inch, #4 1/2 inch, #6 3/4 inch, #8: 1-inch)

·         Cleaning brush

·         Blade oil

·         Instruction book

·         Charge stand and charger

·         Soft storage case

 It’s certainly worth a further look here.

Dog clipping scissors for the professional - Dog grooming tools - dog clippers and scissors

Dog grooming scissors should not be used by inexperienced dog owners. For light home trimming, the dog clippers above are a safe option.

Owners who feel they have the experience to use scissors should buy dog grooming scissors with a rounded tip for safety. Our last review is for the only set we recommend for experienced amateurs. Rounded tip scissors are not often used by professionals.

Dog grooming scissors need to be sharp for smooth cutting, strong, well-made and comfortable in the hand. They come in various lengths, short scissors are best for smaller dogs while long-length scissors are usually used on larger dogs.

A professional dog groomer requires a range of scissors for the best results and choosing the right scissors for the job will give much better results. Using the wrong scissors for some types of fur can cause damage to the scissors. It’s also a good idea to look for scissors with a tension adjustment. This can allow the scissors to be opened wider for difficult long coats and a narrower adjustment for shorter coats.

Most common dog clipping scissors include:

Straight edge scissors to clean up areas around the paws, on the face, the ears and tail of the dog and good for taking out thick knots.

Bevelled edge shearing scissors are used for almost all coat types. Good bevelled scissors or shears can cut all along the full length of the blades. They have a bigger gap between the blades so they can quickly slice through thick hair and are very good for thinning out a thick coat and are not as easily damaged as straight edge shears.

Rounded grooming shears are best for curly coats like a Poodle or Maltese. They are designed for more detailed work and are popular with show dog groomers

Thinning scissors or shears used to thin out coats.

Best professional grooming scissors - Dog grooming tools - dog clippers and scissors

KKO Professional Dog/Pet Grooming Shear Scissors come in 5.5″ /6.0″/6.5″/7.0″/8.0″ lengths Made of the finest stainless steel (440c) they are extremely sharp, durable at under $90 great for every-day cutting by professional groomers.

The curved (convex) blade is razor-sharp and the scissors are ergonomically designed for comfortable use with off-set handles and detachable blue rubber insert.

A tension adjustment screw helps with comfort and fine adjustable screw with cutting precision.

KKO has a selection of lengths and types including this convex 8” described; straight edge, thinning scissors and curved blue edge.

Unhappy buyers would be few, but they are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee with 30 days money back so find out more here.

The Sharf Gold Touch Pet Grooming Shears, 7.5 Inch Rainbow Curved Shears are reviewed here but the range of Sharf pet grooming shears are all very good.

Made with 440c Japanese stainless steel, these curved scissors are comfortable to use, extremely sharp and made to last.

Perfect for trimming when you don’t want a straight line, they also look good! They come with a handy snap-close case to keep them safe and sharp in a grooming bag. High quality, they will suit most professional groomers. The rainbow metal finish is complimented by colored rubber comfort rings that can be taken off.

Also, worth looking at are: –

The Sharf Gold Touch Pet Shears, 6.5″ 42-Tooth Rainbow Thinning Shears

Sharf Gold Touch Pet Grooming Shears, 7.5 Inch Rainbow Curved Scissors

The Sharf Professional 6.5″ Curved Rainbow Pet Grooming Scissors

A full set of Sharf dog grooming scissors at under $70 each, should keep any professional dog groomer happy or check out the next review so Find out more here.

Sharf Gold Touch Pet Grooming Shear Kit 7.5 Inch Straight & 6.5" 42-Tooth Thinning Scissors

Sharf Gold Touch Pet Grooming Shear Kit is also excellent value at under $120 for two high quality shears/scissors including a 7.5 Inch Straight and a 6.5″ 42-Tooth Thinning Scissors.

Made of top quality 440c Japanese Stainless Steel, they are extremely sharp for a straight clip and the thinning shears are good for any coat. The shears are finished in a shiny stainless steel with a gold accent screw and screw plate. Gold coloured rubber comfort rings give them an expensive look and comfortable grip. 

The kit comes with a snap close case for easy, protective storage so you should find this kit worth looking at here.

Dog Grooming scissors - for amateur dog groomers - Dog grooming tools - dog clippers and scissors

MY-PETS Dog Grooming Scissors Kit for pet grooming has rounded tips and is a 7 piece set. This is not a good professional set but for those who don’t take our advice and keep scissors away from your best buddy, then we do recommend this set.  

It comes with straight dog scissor, thinning shear, up-curved shear, down-curved shear, a comb, a cleaning cloth and a leather zippered storage case.

The set has grooming scissors for face, ears, legs, belly and other sensitive areas and offer a little bit of protection with each pair having rounded ‘safety’ points. They are quite sharp and made of good quality440C stainless steel.

The kit includes:-

An ergonomic design with removable rubber rings on the handle

Safety protection with rounded Tips  

Reasonably sharp tools made with good stainless steel 

A zip close case with elastic sheath for each tool

8 Inch 440C Rainbow Color Curved Scissor

8 Inch 440C Pet Grooming Curved Scissor

Right-handed and curved scissors  

Blade are sharp with a 45 degree cutting angle.

Not highly recommended for a professional groomer but a very good budget set for an experienced amateur so find out more here.

My pets dog grooming kit
This My-Pets grooming kit is not recommended for professional groomers but with its safety ends, it is a good quality budget set for experienced amateurs

Dog grooming tools - dog clippers and scissors - Summary

Some pet groomer tools should be left to professionals. Many severe accidents have happened with people using scissors to clip or trim a dog. Good grooming clippers and proper dog grooming scissors are expensive and again, a full groom usually involves trimming on very sensitive areas like ears and around eyes and nose. Full grooms are best left to people with experience who know what they’re doing. 

Occasional home trimming “tidy-up”

Occasional trimming of hairy feet or maintaining a neat look between professional grooming is something most people can do. Use good, safe dog clippers to do this and stay away from scissors. 

There are some inexpensive dog clippers on the market that are very good for “tidying-up” and they are a good addition to your dog grooming kit. Even a professional groomer would find it difficult doing a really good, safe, full clip of a dog with a cheap set of clippers costing under $40! 

Professional dog grooming tools

We have reviewed some really good inexpensive clippers for you here. We have also reviewed a couple of excellent professional grooming tools. Remember, just because a manufacturer describes their product as ‘professional”, it does not mean they are of the quality for any professional groomer to be using but somke of these cheaper dog clippers are very good for light trimming. 

Inexperienced dog groomers who insist on using scissors should give a dog a little “protection” and use scissors with rounded tips. We have reviewed a lot of cheap dog grooming scissors but we’ve only made two recommendations on these:

 (1) Don’t use scissors to groom your dog, leave it to the professionals who will use a pairs of good dog grooming scissors at over $70 each and know how to use them safely.

(2) If you must, use a sharp set with rounded tips like the MY-PETS Dog Grooming Scissors Kit.

“If you don’t own a dog, at least one, there is not necessarily anything wrong with you, but there may be something wrong with your life.” Roger A. Caras

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Don’t bath your dog too often as it can cause problems by drying out skin and taking away important natural oils.

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Did you find this dog grooming tools – dog clippers and scissors useful?

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It’s not a ‘task’ to look after your dog’s grooming needs and using good grooming tools and keeping to a good grooming routine can be fun for you and your buddy.

We do suggest clipping and other grooming tools on another page but there are some jobs that are best done by experienced competent pet owners or dog health professionals. 

Please think twice about doing some of these jobs, like nail cutting and grooming yourself. We don’t like products that come with “ointments to stop bleeding” – would you buy nail clippers that might go into the quick of your nails and cause bleeding? I guess not so why would you risk hurting us dogs?

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