Pet seat covers for your car

Pet covers for your car
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Pet seat covers for your car

I hate to read that pet seat covers for your car are necessary to protect your car from our dirty paws, slobbers and little accidents! It’s shouldn’t be all about you and your car and you must think about the comfort and protection of a dog as well. We are more important than a few scratches on a car door or seat!

Sure, it makes good sense to protect your car but there is such a huge range of dog seat covers, just make sure that you get something that’s good for us as well as protecting your car.

This review and guide of dog car seat covers should help you make the right choices.

Dog car seat covers – Types

If we don’t have to share the back seat with some human pups, the very best and first on the list must be a Dog Hammock car seat cover. Even if you have a human pup to go in the back, these also come in half sizes, so you leave half the seat free for a human.

Dog car seat covers – Hammock Style

If we show you a picture and describe the URPOWER Dog Seat Cover Car Seat Cover for Pets 100% Waterproof Pet Seat Cover Hammock 600D Heavy Duty Scratch Proof Nonslip Durable Soft Pet Back Seat Covers for Cars Trucks and SUVs, you’ll get the idea. These hang between the front and back seats making a comfortable hammock for us to lie in. This one also has side flaps to protect the car door upholstery.

Pet seat covers the Urpower dog seat hammock
The URPOWER dog seat cover is our #1 recommendation

Hammock style is so comfortable!

The hammock style is very comfortable for travel, it gives us extra protection in case of a crash, they stop us falling into the foot well and they stop us jumping into the front!

The URPOWER Dog Seat Cover hammock has: –

  • Side flaps so it’s easy to get in and out.  easier for your dog to get in or out of car
  • side flaps to protect the car door from scratches and dirt. hair. Available for most
  • fits most cars, trucks and SUVs
  • 100% waterproof and wearproof made from heavy-duty oxford fabric and comfortable PP cotton mat.  
  • It covers the whole back seat, so maybe not excellent if you have human pups
  • And its nonslip & SAFE –  

It has built-in nonslip backing and seat anchors, so it doesn’t slide around and it’s easy to install and clean. 

Half Dog car seat cover – hammock style

Ok, so the only reason you don’t buy the Urpower full dog seat hammock is because you need to use half the back seat for something else? Well here’s the answer for you.

One Size Fits All is a five-star product which looks after us and your precious car.

 The Half Back Seat Hammock Pet Seat Cover is a “floppy ears design” half hammock which means we can share the back seat with a human or groceries or anything else. (I like it when the groceries are left on the back seat beside me).

The Half Hammock will protect your car or SUV from all the nasties like dirt, water, fur and mud. It is reversible and splits the back seat in two parts. This dog car hammock has adjustable straps to attach to the back seat and front seat head restraint posts, so it does all the stuff of the full hammock. It’s made of water-resistant Microfiber and its very tough. Also, it’s easy-care machine wash and dry. It fits most vehicles and most importantly for us, it’s comfortable. Highly recommended.

Click here to see more

The half dog seat hammock - if you want the back seat shred -
The Hammock style dog seat cover is just great! - If you want to use some of the back seat for another purpose, buy a half hammock!

Pet seat covers for your car – Bench car seat covers

Bench car seat covers will cover the whole back seat. These come in various sizes so it’s best to measure your vehicle to make sure the cover you buy is a good fit. Just make sure it’s comfortable for us dogs and I know you are more interested in keeping your back seats free of wet paws, dirt, hair mud and slobbers.

Most bench seat covers have openings for the seat belts so make sure what you buy has this feature

Dog seat covers – bench seat recommendation (1)

The cover we recommend is the 4Knines Dog Seat Cover for Cars, SUVs, and Small Trucks. It’s Heavy Duty, Non Slip and Waterproof. We recommend it because its comfortable for us dogs, but it looks cool on the back seat of your car and I know you usually care about that! It comes in black, grey and tan (which is quite light/white almost) and will fit most vehicles apart from over-size SUV’s and large trucks.

It looks good and is comfortable with a non-slip, quilt finish:-

Pet seat covers 4 kanines pet seat cover
4Knines dog seat cover is comfortable, non-slip, easy clean and comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Has a loosely fitted skirt that wraps the entire seat bottom  
  • Velcro openings to two seat belts and child safety latch systems
  • It’s heavy duty and waterproof, made to last a lifetime
  • Easy to install and easy to clean – just hose it down or throw in the washer!
  • Lifetime warranty

Really no need to look any further, this is the one you’ve been looking for.

Find out more click here

Dog seat covers – bench seat recommendation (2)

We’ve got one here that we think is also good looking, comfortable, non-slip, long lasting, waterproof and has a bonus pet seat belt thrown in. It comes in 2 sizes and a choice of either black or beige.

The Meadowlark back seat dog cover will protect your dog from your vehicle and will protect your seats from pet damage. It’s a universal pet seat cover which covers the back seat of most cars, trucks and SUV’s with bottom and side flaps for full protection of the entire seat.   

The cover has extra thick padding is waterproof and smell-proof and is easily cleaned with a hose or in the washing machine.

It’s tough and long-lasting as well as non-slip with seat anchors and elastic edging plus the necessary seat belt openings.

We’re sure you’ll love this one at a very affordable price but if you don’t, they are happy to fully refund up to 30 days.

Read all about click here

Pet car seat covers -Medowlark back seat car cover
The Medowlark is comfortable, looks good and at an affordable price and they'll refund your money if your not happy with it

Pet Seat Covers for car front seats

Please think, why do you want these? If you have a back seat in your vehicle, please move on and don’t read any more here. You don’t need one because we dog will be in the back away from exploding air bags and away from annoying our human chauffeur.

We only mention them because there sometimes is no back seat in a truck. They can also be good for bucket seats in the back of a car. These are usually fitted quite like an ordinary car seat cover but much better waterproof material for easy cleaning.

The Meadowlark Car Seat Cover for Dogs. Premium Extra Thick Quilted Full Protection Front Seat Protector, Side Flaps, Waterproof, Durable, Nonslip Design, Free Bonus– Pet Seat Belt & Headrest Protector. What more could you want, and I think it’s the only front cover you’ll find with a full % STAR customer rating.

Meadowlark gives the ultimate universal car bucket seat protector with anchor for the front seat of any vehicle.

It’s strongly made of 4 layers of material which makes them quite comfortable. – (Although I still like a back bench I can lie down on!) and gives great seat protection

  • It’s waterproof, scratch proof and non-slip. 
  • There are just 3 straps to secure and its very easily installed. 
  • Cleaning is also easy as it can be wiped down and its machine washable.
Meadowlark has a recommendation above for back seat covers. The front seat cover is also very good - But why do you want one? We should be in the back!

The manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty and for a period is offering a headrest protector and a dog seat belt to accompany the order free of charge.  

Read all about it by clicking here

Best dog seat cover for front seats low-cost

The FATTY CHOWCHOW Dog Car Seat Covers 100% Waterproof Car Seat Protector for Pets Front Seat Scratch Proof Non-Slip Durable for Cars, Trucks & SUVs is a lot of dog car seat cover for not much money. It’s pretty good for human pups too who make a lot of car mess!

  • Dog car seat covers designed for the front car seat of all standard cars.
  • Made with waterproof high-quality heavy-duty polyester  
  • Non-slip
  • Easy to install and clean and while you don’t get a lifetime warranty, they do offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee for easy return if you are not satisfied.

This is a very good second choice for front seat covers.

Read all about it, click this link

Pet seat covers the Fattychow front seat dog cover
A good low-cost front seat dog cover. Please, do you really need one? We should be in the back!

Dog seat covers - Cargo Covers/Boot or trunk Liners

These are good because they can be quite comfortable to lie on and they make us dogs feel more secure jumping into the back of your SUV or station wagon to a cosy area. As a second advantage, they protect your floor area from mud and dirt and are easily taken out and cleaned. It’s best to get one with raised sides to protect us and your car all round. They just lie flat in the back area and can have bumper guards to go over the bumper. This helps to stop scratches when we jump in and out.  

Cargo Liner for SUV’s and Cars, Waterproof Material, non-slip Backing, With Side Walls Protectors, Extra Bumper Flap Protector

This has all the features you should look for. It’s very comfortable, offers us some extra padded protection in case of an accident and it gives your vehicle full inside and bumper protection.

Cargo Liner for SUV and station wagon
This is our #1 recommendation. It's a great cargo liner and very safe and comfortable!

Doesn't it look comfortable!

It’s waterproof, got side wall protection and fits all standard vehicles.  

Also, it got: –

  • A textured Non-Slip Backing
  • No Color Bleeding
  • Quick Release Headrest Straps and Seat Anchors for easy installation
  • Side Flaps and its machine washable
  • Adjustable strap with buckle for extra security and stability

This is a highly recommended cargo/boot liner.

Read all about it here

NAC&ZAC Waterproof SUV Cargo Liner, Pet Seat Cover with Extra Bumper Flap, Machine Washable Dog Cargo Cover

The NACZAC is also an excellent quality cargo liner with a lifetime warranty at a lower price. We’ve got it as the second choice only because it doesn’t have as good side protection. It scores more in the fact that the large sized cover can protect the entire cargo area, even when the back seat is folded down.

NAC&ZAC Waterproof SUV Cargo Liner, Pet Seat Cover is: –

  • Waterproof and non-slip  
  • Easy to install and machine washable
  • It got the extra bumper flap to protect us going in and out (and your bumper!)
  • It’s big, 52″ wide X 91″ long, while the main cover is 71″ long and the bumper flap is 20″ long
  • Comes with a life-time warranty.  

NACZAC waterproof SUV cargo liner
Lifetime warranty and good cover but not quite as comfortable to lie on

Either the NAC&ZAC Waterproof SUV Cargo Liner or the Cargo liner for SUV above, will make a good comfortable protective cover for us dogs and will make a great job of protecting your precious vehicle. See more about the NACZAC liner click here

Car door guards

We know that dogs like to put their paws up and scratch your doors sometimes and this can leave marks and scratches on your vehicle. These car door protectors are specially made to protect your doors from the bottom of the side windows down to the seats. If you buy one, don’t use it as an excuse for letting us put our heads and paws out the side window! Just a small stone in the eye can see us blinded and we’ll be dead if anything bigger hits us or you are involved in an accident!

Pet Car Door Covers for Dogs come in a pair. Waterproof Interior Protectors Window Panel Guards Shields from Doggie Scratching Drooling Vehicles Trucks SUV Inside Front Seat Side Safety Cloth is, in our opinion, the best car door protector at a reasonable price.

It is completely safe for pets, quite easy to fit and will not damage your car. They come in black only but are suitable for most cars, trucks and SUV’s.

These Pet Car Door Covers for Dogs come with a 90 day satisfaction guarantee so its always good to be able to get your money back in the unlikely event that you don’t like them!

 NAC&ZAC Waterproof Pet Car Door Cover -Two Options to Install. Fit All Vehicles

This one comes in gay or black and are very easy to install either with small tabs or self-fastening tape. They are sold in a pair, one for the right door and one for the left and they don’t affect the window movement.

Again, they are machine washable, very long-lasting and in fact have a lifetime service offer. They are very good value, high-selling product with many 5-star ratings.

Read more about them and order here

Pet car seat covers for your car – Summary

We’ve explained to you the types of car seat covers available for protecting your dog from the dirt in your car. (or is that protect your car from a dirty dog?)

Our Number 1 recommendation by far is the hammock dog seat cover.

Back seat covers can very very good too if you don’t like the idea of a hammock

Front seat covers should not be necessary for most of you as we dogs should not be sitting in the front unless it’s absolutely necessary – (it is against the law in some places, so check!).

Cargo dog covers for the back of station wagons and SUV’s can be great but it’s NOT the only protection we need – these are to protect your car, not us dogs, so make sure we are still secured firmly in case of accident.

Car door covers don’t do us dogs much good but they are very good at protecting your doors from dirt and slobbers.

The right equipment can make car journeys so much more safe and fun for all the family pack so have a good look and be prepared!

Dog harness for car and seat belt attachments review

There are hundreds of dog seat belts and harnesses for sale. Let Little Malt go through a small list of what to look for in a good crash-tested dog harness and give you some recommendations of how they should be fitted and the best ones for your dog.
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Interested in a dog Crate?

Dog Crates and dog crate training

Jerry looks at Dog creates and dog crate training. The big question is why would you ever want to buy a dog crate?

Dog crates for household use are BANNED in some countries. There is a place for dog crates if we must fly long distances or if we are injured and we need to be kept in a confined area to recover.

Crates are particularly popular in the USA and many dog trainers think they are a good training aid. We DO NOT know of any dog that has been better trained with the use of a crate than the many millions who are trained to incredibly high standards WITHOUT using a crate.

Using a crate ‘properly’ (if there is such a thing) is a long process that requires a lot of time and patience, even if you like the idea we’d have to ask – why bother?

Dog crates are essential for some forms of travel so you may have little choice but to train a dog to a crate for travel purposes.

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