Dog pens and dog gates

dog pen and dog gates

Dog pens and dog gates

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Dog pens and dog gates and some puppy pens!

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Good dog pens and puppy pens and dog gates are a great thing to buy for your house and they can help us dogs too! Dog gates or dog pens not only keep your us in a safe area but puppies, and some older dogs can feel safe and secure in their own area. There is a big difference to a dog in an ‘open area’ pen rather than being locked in a small cage.A combined indoor dog kennel (not a crate) and a dog pen is a great solution. Keep it near the rest of the family where we can feel good about having our own space but still near the pack.

Always use a pen - not a crate!

Dog gates can also stop major accidents by stopping us from running out an open door onto a road. They will also protect your property by keeping us away from things we shouldn’t be chewing! 

There is no reason why you would want to use a dog crate but I’m sure some readers can think of some. If you have some “good reasons” for using a crate, throw the crate away because all of these “reasons” can be covered in a more-friendly dog pen.

Dog pens and dog gates – what to look for

Dog pens and dog gates come in all sizes and shapes so you will find one that will do exactly what you want it to do. The ‘secret’ is finding something that will last, is strong and easy to put up and take down. It must be “good for your purpose”, whether it be to stop us climbing up a set of stairs, making a play pen of 2,3 or 4 sides, or keeping us away from a hot open fire.

Dog Pens and dog gate – Types

  • There are 4 main types of dog gates and dog pens are basically the same so you should find one to suit your purpose:-
  • Dog Gates or pens which are hinged and can be folded up easily. 
  • Dog Gates which are adjustable with turn-screw (usually) tension – great for door-ways.
  • Easy walk-through dog gates or pens with an open/shut entry
  • Freestanding dog pens or gates – usually easy to custom-adjust

The best walk-through dog gate

The Carlson Extra-Wide Walk-Through Pet Gate  is our first choice because it will fit almost anywhere, is good for most dogs and is a good price. While it is described as “extra-wide” it will fill a space just 29ins wide (74cm) up to 37ins (94cm). This covers everything from small door openings to large, as an average door opening is around 32ins (81cm). At 30 inches tall (75cm) it is high enough for all small and medium size dogs and has a good pressure-mount fitting.

It has an easy-to-use, safety-lock latch for walk-through. The metal pet gate design is well made, safe and has a handy second small ‘pet (cat) gate’ at the bottom of the main gate. It is strong, easy to install securely and it will last.

This is the perfect gate at a great price for hallways and door entrances up to a pretty large 37ins so read more and buy here.

best pet gate Carlson walk through
The Carson extra-wide is great for smaller door openings too 29 - 37ins

The Richell Pet Sitter Gate look great in most homes with its wood finish on a strong metal frame. This may be the gate you need for those larger door spaces as it fits up to 42ins, (that’s over 1.06m) [ min 28ins (71.12cm)]. Wider than The Carlson, it is also a bit lower at just 21inches (53.34cm) so it’s quite easy to step over. A door is provided and it opens in both directions and can lock, both good features.

The Richell Pet Sitter gates has a small door at the bottom that is easily opened to let a small dog through. Made of wood and metal, this is a quality indoor dog gate for small to medium dogs.

It features a miniature door within the dog gate that can be opened and shut when you want to let your pooch through without picking them up. Tension-mounts make easy installation and it  has wall and door protectors as well as a rubber skid bottom.Find out price and more about the Richell Pet Sitter gate here.

dog pen and dog gates the Richell
The Ritchell is a good looking, strong dog gate for small to medium dogs

The best dog gate for large dogs

The Regalo Easy Step Extra-Tall Walk-Through Gate at 41ins (104.14cm) tall is a great affordable gate for large dogs and one of the most popular. The 4 tension-mounts will fill a space from 29-36.5inches (73.66 -92.7cm) so wide enough for most doors or most stairs.

Its light steel design is strong and it is certified to both JPMA and ASTM standards so good for little human pups too. Great for big dogs and small dogs who might like to jump.

Easy to set up and take down like the others and the latch design will keep most smart dogs secure. Find out more and buy here.

dog gates - Regalo eassy step tall
The Regalo is our number 1 for tall dog gates

 The Regalo Super Wide adjustable Gate takes us from the super high of the Regelo Easy Step to the super wide which can divide a whole room or be set up as a small dog pen.

It can “split” a room 192inches wide (4.87m) so it’s one of the widest you will find.  You can use your imagination with this one as it can be set up as a pen of 19sq feet (1.765m2). Use it anywhere – around a fireplace, a stair barrier, room divider or pen!

This Regalo Super Wide has a walk-through gate with safety lock in the centre. Well- priced and a reasonable height at 28inches (71.1cm). Steel is the material used again but it is quite easy to set up and fold down for storage and it meets the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standard.

Regalo extra wide dog gate
The Regalo super-wide can divide a room or can be used as a dog pen.

Dog Gates – Cheap dog gate for temporary use

A dog gate is often something that is used for a short time maybe just through the training stage before a dog has the manners and the training to have full run of your home. In this case, you mighgt want a cheap gate that is maybe not as strong and long-lasting as these others.

North States 50″ Wide Extra-Wide Wire Mesh Baby Gate installs in wide openings in seconds without damaging walls (32″ Tall, Sustainable Hardwood). This is not the best-looking gate but it is good for purpose. The North States Supergate Extra Wide Wire Mesh Gate is designed for wide openings and it can cover between 29.5″ to 50″ wide (74.9 -127cm). Again it is tension and easy to use. Made in the USA with a sturdy hardwood frame. The wire mesh is coated with a vinyl and it hasa  rubber bumper to protect the floor.  It will do the job for most dogs at a very good low price.

North State 50 Dog Gate
North States 50" a great low-budget gate

Dog Pen - Best dog playpen

BestPet Pet Playpen Exercise Pen Dog Fence is tough and roomy for large dogs or small dogs. Inside or outside use is fine with this and it can also work as a very long dog gate. Various set up options can be used. It can be set up as in photograph or it can be set up as a square or a rectangle.

This puppy playpen or dog playpen has a built in door, plenty of room for your dog(s) and the sides of dog playpen are 24ins (61cm) high. One great thing about this is you can connect more than one together to make an even bigger playpen. It’s also very easy to set up and take down without the need of any tools.

 It also folds down neatly and is not too heavy or bulky so it’s easy to take outside or even on that camping holiday you were thinking about!

The Bestpet playpen has plenty of room for dog bowls and even training pads and could easily take more than one dog. 

It comes out best because it is a good price and its:-

  • Got plenty of space for more than one dog
  • You can buy more than one and put them together
  • There are multiple ways to put it together and many ways it can be used
  • It’s easy to put up and take down and not too heavy
  • Strong metal panels and easy fold means it can be transported around.
Dog pen - Bestpets dog pen
Bestpet is our #1 choice in Dog Pens. It's roomy, strong, adjustable and well-priced ... and you can add 2 or more together!

Dog Play Pen Wire Dog Pen Playpen  Outdoor Exercise Pens from Pawas and Palls (8 Panel / 30 Square Feet Play Yard) is a very good, sturdy dog pen.

It comes in 3 different heights to suit all size dogs – 24in, 32in, and 40 in. Advertised as an outdoor dog pen, it could easily be used indoors too. Again, it is made in 8-panels and can be used in multiple ways.  

It has all the features of our #1 choice, the Bestpet Playpen and it is a better-quality finish and it can come with higher sides!

So why is it our second choice? It’s a bit more expensive and that’s it! If you are looking for a large, great quality dog pen, then this Wire Dog Pen Playpen  Outdoor Exercise Pens comes with our high recommendation and really is THE BEST DOG PEN if you want to spend a little more. Find out price and other features here.

Wire Pen fence
This is the best dog play pen but at just over $80 for the small one, it is a bit more expensive

Five different heights are available in this budget-price dog pen. It’s a bit smaller than the 2 pens above but also almost half the price. It still has a reasonable 16ft2 (1.5m2) enclosed area. It has a double latch door and while not as strongly made as the two dog pens above, it does come with a 12 month warranty. This one is best for small and medium size dogs up to 40lbs (18kg). 8 ground anchors for outdoor use are supplied and is easily put together with thumb snaps.

A big point to note is that this dog pen has no door but it is a very affordable doggie pen of reasonable quality so maybe worth checking out here Midwest Foldable Metal Exercise Pen.

You can see the Midwest Dog playpen is not as sturdy as the others above but it is a good short-term cheap fix

Dog Pens, like dog gates are often a temporary need because most good dog owners will let their trained buddy run around the house anywhere. Dog pens are great for training and so much better than using a small crate. Something that is sturdy enough to do a job for a shorter period of time or even something you can carry around for visiting is sometimes all you need. This one will be a great affordable option:-

Dog Pen – Puppy Pen – AmazonBasics Foldable Metal Pet Exercise and Playpen

The Amazon Basics comes in 5 different sizes to suit most dogs but also comes with a door (slightly more expensive) or without a door.

This dog pen comes with all the features of the best dog pens and is very similar to even the best here in features. It is not quite as robust but also a lot more affordable! It’s best for small to medium size dogs.

It can be used inside or outside, it’s a good size with 8 connecting panels and has a limited one-year warranty.

If you just need a reasonable quality cheap dog pen, then Amazon probably have the one for you so check it out here AmazonBasicsPet playpen.

Amazon basics dog pen
You'll find the size to suit you in the Amazon range of Pet pens at a great price but you can see they don't mack the quality of 1 and 2 above.

A choice of the 4 best dog play pens should be enough. We couldn’t keep The Tespo Dog Playpen out of the list, so here it is #5!

The Tespo play pen comes in 12 panels or 43 panels and its an excellent low-cost buy for a puppy pen but could also do small to medium dogs. It’s also excellent for lots of other small animals like hedgehogs, hamsters, guinea pigs or rabbits (as long as they don’t jump too high!). It’s not too difficult to put together and can be a little fun working out what shape you want. Not quite as easy to assemble as the others but it can be fun working out some new designs!

Tespo offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and the metal wire grids are strong enough for any puppy to be secured. It can be used inside or out and is well worth a look here for the budget buyerwho doesn’t mind a bit of easy construction!


Tespo pet pen 36 sections
You can have some fun designing your own Tespo dog pen. This one is a 36 panel design - good for a puppy pen.

Car Barrier - dog gate

The Sailnovo Pet Barrier safely keeps dogs from going from the cargo area to the drivers’ and passengers’ seat. Driver’s distraction kills people and dogs so making a more comfortable and safer area in the car is important.. Made out of heavy duty material, this adjustable pet barrier fits in most cars, SUVs and  hatchbacks by attaching to the headrest. This is a very well-priced dog barrier with a lifetime guarantee.

  • Firm and Flexible straps hold it tightly to the headrest mounting.  
  • Adjusts to most cars, SUVs, hatchbacks, jeeps (L 36.2″* H16.5”) the adjustable extended barriers( L16.9″,H12.2”).
  • Bigger than most dog barriers,expands from 36.2” to 61.4” in width.
  • Helps protect your vehicle’s upholstery from hair, claw scratches and muddy paws.
  • Easy fit with no drilling or gluing and no tools required.              
Dog car barrier - pet gate - Salnova dog barrier
Quality, price and fit, the Sailnovo Dog Barrier is a good buy.

Dog barriers or pet barriers in the car make a separate compartment for us dogs in the back Use them with a safety harness and you can be sure we are travelling safely.  The Reese Explorer adjustable pet barrier has a  steel-frame barrier is easy and quick to install. It will fit any space between 39 to 65 inches wide and 31 and 45 inches high. Most SUV’s and most wagons and vans will fit this. At a bit over $35, its cheap insurance to look after your dog and your family on a car trip  

  •  Creates a separate compartment for your pet
  • The see through design eliminates blind spots
  • Padded braces protects most vehicle interiors
  • Adjusts from 31 inches to 45 inches high and 39 inches to 65 inches wide
  • Adapts to fit most SUV’s, Vans or Wagons.     
Pet gate dog car barrier
The Reese Explorer car barrier will keep you and your family (including the dog) safe on trips

Dog pens, puppy pens and dog gates - Summary

There are hundreds of dog gates on the market. Some are high, some are extra wide some are for outside use and others are made for indoor use. We looked at many and succeeded in finding the best 4 to suit nearly everyone on size and price.

Dog pens are the same, where do you start? We tried to give you the best 4 but we had to add one extra for a bit of fun. There is no doubt our #2 choice is the best dog pen but it is a bit more expensive than most so was just pipped by the #1 choice.

Is a dog gate also a car barrier? Probably not, but this is as good a place to look for a car gate or barrier so we have given you our choice of best vale car barriers at the end.

‘A dog can’t think that much about what he’s doing. He does what feels right.’ (Barbara Kingsolver, author, Animal Dreams)

What about a new dog house to match your dog pen or gates?

Here’s some tips from Labra our chief editor – There are so many different dog houses for sale it’s sometimes difficult to know where to start looking.

My tip is to do things in this order:-

  • Decide where the dog house is going to go
  • Think about what material you’d like the dog house to be made of … (I like wood!)
  • Choose what size of dog house you are going to need when a dog is fully grown
  • What features do you need like insulation and/or heating

I’ve looked at hundreds of dog houses for you. The ones reviewed and recommended are the best made and the best value we could find. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get us a good comfortable weatherproof home and if you have a little more to spend, I’ve given you some top options.

Read Labra’s Dog House reviews by clicking here.

Best Dog Beds

If you found this useful, have a look at what Little Malt has to say about the best dog bed to buy for your little buddy. She has slept in and reviewed hundreds of dog beds to come out with these recommendations.

Little Malt has 4 beds and a big human size bed she lets her human share with her.

Big dog beds and small dog beds

She makes some good recommendations for Big dog beds, small dog beds and dog beds for dogs with problems like allergies or just old sore muscles and joints.

It’s a sure way of helping you buy the right bed for any dog because you know, if you get it wrong, we just won’t sleep in it and you’ve wasted your money!

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