Dog Crates – Travel crates for dogs

dog crates -Travel crates for dogs

Dog Crates - Dog travel carriers

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How to Choose a Dog Travel Crate or dog travel carrier - 6 of the best dog carriers

You should read about Dog Crates and best dog carriers first – but here is the top 6 reviewed recommended by the Pawsome team

Here will will talk about Dog Crates and best dog carriers but before we get to our recommendations, there are some things to consider before choosing a travel crate.

Safety and comfort first - That's dog safety, not yours!

Think first about safety, size, ease of use and type of use and if you are flying. Check with the airline before buying. Airlines have different rules so what is a ‘good’ crate for some, may be rejected by others.We’ll look at each feature now:-

  • Safety:- The crate has to be strong with a good door latch and should be crash tested. The crash tested rating will tell you it’s good for a dog and protect them against an accident.
  • Size:- A crate must be big enough for a dog to turn around in and obviously big enough to sit, stand and lie down. As a general rule a dog travel crate should not be more than about 6 inches (15cm) longer than your dog.
  • Ease of use:- A crate should be easily stored, easily set-up and easy to use.
  • Type of use:- Try and find a crate that is suited for all travel whether it’s an aeroplane, ship or a car. There are crates suitable for all types of travel.

Airlines will have different rules about crates and the features they must have before they can be used. It’s always a good idea to check with the airline you want to fly with before going to the airport. Even the best recommendation here may not be right for some airlines

Dog Crates and best dog carriers may be necessary for travel - check first

You may like to look at “Dog driving and dog car travel”. As a reminder dogs must be made secure in a car or the travel crate should be secured. Use a good harness with dog seat-belt rather than using a crate. If a crate is used, it must be a crate fit for travel with proper points to secure to the car.

Some airlines do not permit dog travel due to liability concerns. Dogs usually travel in the cargo area which can be a frightening and sometimes dangerous place. This is the main reason why you must choose a strong, tested dog travel crate. Always check with your airline first, they have different rules so what is accepted by one airline may be rejected by another.

Best dog crate for air and car travel - and dog carriers

The first place to look for a travel dog crate is Gunner Dog Kennels. They make a crate for most size dogs from small to large (but not extra large) and all are 5 star crash rated.

Gunner makes a heavy-duty pet travel crate that’s been crash tested for safety, and they claim it’s “escape proof”.

Various sizes are available to suit most dogs apart from the very largest. Our safety should be your first concern so this is the one to look at and don’t go for a cheaper product that is not test rated.

Heavy-duty, double-walled molded plastic is the material used and it is as tough as it looks. A range of accessories like safety straps to secure the kennel in travel and a security lock are also available. A memory foam dog bed and an attachable fan can be bought to make the inside more comfortable.

This is a top rated dog crate for travel and I’ll repeat, this should be the first place you look for a travel dog crate.

Gunner dog kennel.
This should be the first place you look if you want a crash-tested, quality travel crate; The Gunner Dog Kennel

The Petmate Sky Kennel is one of the world’s most popular. It is comfortable, strong and secure. A 4-way vault door, wire vents & 360 degree ventilation is part of the deal, giving fresh air and it’s easy to see out.

A heavy-duty plastic shell, non-corrodible wing-nuts, extra strong steel wire, and interlocking door are all great features. 

The ventilation openings surrounding the kennel help keep the dog crate comfortable with plenty of fresh air. Petmate include a travel pack with two “Live Animal” stickers, clip-on bowls, and ID stickers.

The crate comes in six sizes from 21″ to 48″ so you’ll probably find one to suit. The larger sizes have a vaulted door with a horizontal wire for extra security and the smaller ones have a handy carrying handle. This crate meets most airline cargo specifications but always check with your airline before buying!

The Petmate Sky Kennel click to see more here.

dog crates - travel crates for dogs. Petmate travel kennel
The Petmate Sky Kennel is very popular but it comes as a clear second choice to the Gunner's above.

The Sportspet rolling plastic kennel  comes in all sizes to suit even the largest of dogs. Sportpet have a good video link on their Amazon page which shows all the features and they have a good sizing guide.

It is not crash -tested but has been designed and approved for airline travel. There are not a lot of big crates available for airline travel. The crate is described as a kennel but it’s not, it’s a good travel dog crate. I hope you would never use one for a home kennel.

Click on and off  wheels are a good feature which are handy in the large versions in particular and it’s easy to put together. Snaps together sides makes easy assembly and it has good strong metal locks. Lots of dogs hate crates and will try to get out! This crate uses metal slats to make sure we can’t chew our way out in an aeroplane. It also has little moats in the base to take away little accidents.  

Again, we remind you that Airline rules are different between countries and airlines so check with your carrier about their rules.

Read about and order the Sportspet rolling plastic kennel here  

The Sportspet Plastic Rolling Kennel (Dog Crate) comes in all sizes to suit small dogs and very large dogs. It's not crash - tested but it is airline approved.

Best Small Dog Carriers for Air Travel

The Sleepypod Air In-Cabin Pet Carrier could easily be our #1 choice for it’s type. We had to give it a mention in Dog Crates and best dog carriers. It’s a pet carrier and not a dog crate. The Sleepypod is specially made for aircraft travel and is accepted by most airlines for cabin travel. (If the airlines allows dogs to fly in the cabin). Not really a dog crate – but a good dog travel carrier.

The Sleepypod In-Cabin Carrier is made of luggage grade nylon and it can be folded to fit under most airline seats. It folds out to give a small dog more space. Easy to use and very well made, this foldable design is very handy for around airports and its soft padding makes it very comfortable. It’s easy to attach to a seat or your roller luggage at the airport and has a couple of zip pockets to store nice things like treats in!

The Sleepypod Air In-Cabin Pet Carrier more details and buy here

The Sleepypod Carriers could be our # 1 choice - It's definately best of its type, not really a "crate' but a dog carrier

Here is another Sleepypod travel bed worth looking at. This is a very popular travel bed that is quite comfortable for any small dog. Like the In-Cabin Pet Carrier above, this pet bed  has also passed Pet safety Crash Testing. While they have a hard outer skin, they are soft in the inside and quite suitable for most small dogs up to 15 pounds. It is a solidly made, made to last and quite easy to carry around in the car.

The Sleepypod Mobile Pet bed doubles as a car seat and has Velcro points for a secure car attachment. Luggage-grade tough nylon is the material used but it has a really nice soft plush inside. Padded shoulder strap and the carry handle helps you humans carry us around comfortably and we can see through the mesh dome top. The liner is water-resistant foam and its easy cleaned washable. 

Small dogs and humans will like this one!

Sleepypod travel bed – click here for more information and to buy

Dog crates and dog carrriers - the Sleepypod. best of its type
This Sleepypod travel bed is easy to carry, comfortable for small dogs and crash-tested. Another very good Sleepypod carrier

The Gen7 is a neat little carrier has a five-star crash rating with a strong wire frame making it very sturdy and light. See through mesh windows give us a good view and it’s machine-washable.

Most airlines will accept it and it is also makes a safe car seat bed. It folds flat for easy storage but its tough Velcro makes it a more difficult job to assemble again!

In the car, it is easy to get your car seat belts on, to secure it and the mesh gives very good airflow.

There are no pockets for carrying treats and other nice things and it doesn’t have any attachments for airport rollers.

Just two small complains but it’s a very good soft-sided and comfortable carrier and we like the crash test rating!

See more details and buy here.

Gen7 Pet carrier - dog crates- Travel carriers
A neat little carrier accepted by most airlines. Makes a good pet car carrier when secured inside your vehicle.

The Prefer Pets Hideaway Carrier gets lots of 5 star reviews because of its unique backpack design and quality make. It is not crash tested like the others we recommend but it is approved by most airlines.

Prefer Pets Hideaway Duffle is a clever design for humans who like to get out and about with a small dog (up to 16lbs). The mesh sides give good air-flow and unzip most of the way round for easy use. A little dog that may prefer peace and quiet can have the zip cover shut. The shoulder straps are adjustable and can clip off quite easily for storage. This one also has pockets for these important treats and other stuff we may need for travel.

It is quite comfortable with a quick fix Velcro and a comfortable faux-fur inside which can be taken out and is machine-washable.

The Prefer Pets Hideaway Travel Carrier is made of a strong canvas fabric which is water resistant. Luggage tag and Pet ID card are included and of course, it can be carried easily by hand but the back-pack feature is a good one.

More information and buy here.

dog crates - Travel dog crates and dog carriers
This Prefer Pets Hideaway Carrier is easy to carry but also has the option of using as a back-pack. Really handy for those outdoor types with a small dog.

Dog Crate and dog travel carriers - Summary

Dog crates for travel are sometimes necessary, specially if you are flying with your dog. Some crates can be quite excellent for car travel too as long as they are secured to your vehicle and can’t roll around in an accident!

We have looked at the best dog crates for travelling. Stay away from cheap and nasty here and go for something that is crash-tested to protect your best buddy and give you peace-of-mind. You can be happy to know your dog is travelling in a crate which is fit for purpose.

Dog carriers are really good (if the airline allows dogs in the cabin!). Always check with the airline you are travelling with to make sure that they will accept the crate you intend to buy. Even if a crate is airline approved, some airlines may not approve it. (And some will not carry any dogs at anytime!).

In this Dog Crates and best dog carriers review, we’ve chosen six of the best. It should help you make your decision on a quality carrier that you know will protect us!

Dog Crates are NOT Kennels

Please also consider, dog crates are necessary for some travel. They are never necessary as “kennels” in the home – no matter how the manufacturer describes them.

If you want a safe indoor area for your dog, buy an indoor kennel (without security bars!) and a dog pen to keep us in our own area.

“When the dog looks at you, the dog is not thinking what kind of a person you are. The dog is not judging you.”

 Eckhart Tolle

Found Dog Crates and best dog carriers helpful? Interested in dogs in cars and how to make it safe and good for all?

Dog harness for car and seat belt attachments review

There are hundreds of dog seat belts and harnesses for sale. Let Little Malt go through a small list of what to look for in a good crash-tested dog harness and give you some recommendations of how they should be fitted and the best ones for your dog.
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Keeping your pets safe and keeping your vehicle clean and protected from muddy paws and slobbers is important to most of you humans. Found Dog Crates and best dog carriers helpful? Read more about pet safety.

Pet seat covers for your car

Little Malt explains the types of car seat covers available for protecting your dog from the dirt in your car. (or is that protect your car from a dirty dog?)

  • Our Number 1 recommendation by far is the hammock dog seat cover.
  • Back seat covers can very very good too if you don’t like the idea of a hammock
  • Front seat covers should not be necessary for most of you as we dogs should not be sitting in the front unless it’s absolutely necessary – (it is against the law in some places, so check!).
  • Cargo dog covers for the back of station wagons and SUV’s can be great but it’s NOT the only protection we need – these are to protect your car, not us dogs, so make sure we are still secured firmly in case of accident.

Car door covers don’t do us dogs much good but they are very good at protecting your doors from dirt and slobbers.

The right equipment can make car journeys so much more safe and fun for all the family pack. Have a good look and be prepared! Read more by clicking here.

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